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  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 16 

    Murlin, L. H.; Gordon, George A.; Hemenway, Francis E.; Newell, Lyman C.; Wilm, Emil Carl; Warren, William F. (Boston University, 1915)
  • Mantugol Nelaaɗo; Tarikha Fuuta Jalon 

    Bah, Thierno Sire (2015-08-14)
    The material talks about two different subjects: a poem that deals with a tribute to the Prophet Muhammad and a paper that shows the organization of Fuuta Jalon. The material was written in 1954 in Labe, Fuuta Jalon. The ...
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 18 

    Hughes, Edwin Holt; Murlin, Lemuel Herbert; Goodell, Charles LeRoy; Newell, Lyman C. (Boston University, 1917)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 20 

    Ryder, H. Osborne; Murlin, L. H. (Boston University, 1919)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 23 

    Newell, Lyman C. (Boston University, 1922)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 28 

    Marsh, Daniel L.; Holt, Hamilton; Perrin, Marshall L. (Boston University, 1927)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 27 

    Unknown author (Boston University, 1926)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 24 

    Unknown author (Boston University, 1923)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 26 

    Unknown author (Boston University, 1925)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 21 

    Stafford, Wendell Phillips; Perrin, Marshall Livingston; Nies, Grace Sue; Lord, Everett W.; Brethorst, Stephen Warren; MacNair, J. Duncan; Raymond, Robert F.; Birney, Lauress J.; Dupertuis, Samuel; Farrington, Harry Webb; Lee, Wesley T.; Taylor, Mary K.; Waxman, Frances B. S.; Murlin, L. H.; Harper, Heber R.; Britt, Starkey Y.; Ault, Warren O.; Byam, Edwin C.; Center, Harry B.; Bruce, Robert E.; Kent, Norton A.; Sutherland, John P.; Hartstone, Pauline Nelson; Ayres, Leonard Porter; Hussey, Warren H.; Baade, Paul W. (Boston University, 1920)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 19 

    Waxman, Samuel M. (Boston University, 1918)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 17 

    Rugg, Arthur Prentice; Warren, William Fairfield; Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury; Bell, George William; Knudson, Albert C.; Hughes, Edwin Holt; Newell, Lyman C. (Boston University, 1916)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 25 

    Unknown author (Boston University, 1924)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 29 

    Unknown author (Boston University, 1928)
  • Bostonia, first series. Volume 22 

    Ferguson, John Calvin (Boston University, 1921)
  • Mantugol Nelaaɗo; Moolagol Saytaane; Tarikha Fuuta Jalon; Waccugol Surahata 

    Diallo, Amadou; Diallo, Mama Saliou; Diallo, Amadou Bassirou; Barry, Ismaila; and Bah, Mamadou Aliou (2015-08-14)
    The material talks about the following subjects: poems that deal with tribute to the Prophet Muhammad written in 1909 and 1949 in Pita; protection against Satan written in 1943 in Popedara; organization of Fuuta Jalon ...
  • Tarikha Fuuta Jalon 

    Bah, Alpha Amadou (2015-06-17)
    The material talks about the organization of the Fuuta Jalon community for expansion of Islam. Fuuta Jalon was organized into three regions: Timbi, Timbo, and Labe. The material was first written in 1901 and has been written ...
  • Tugaale Lislam 

    Bah, Souleymana Kharis (2015-06-17)
    The material talks about Islamic Laws and recommendations, and preches. The material was written in Conakry, Guinea in 1967. The material was digitized in Dakar, Senegal. The video contains El hadj Mouhamadou Sall sharing ...
  • Deftere Tumbondiral 

    Diallo, Mamadou Bailo (2015-07-09)
    The material talks about the reports of meetings and timeline of different activities of a religious Pular organization in Dakar. It was written from 1980 up to now in Dakar, Senegal. The material was digitized in Dakar, ...
  • Rewde Alla e Laaɓal 

    Sall, El hadj Ibrahima (2015-06-23)
    The material talks about Islamic recommendations and purification. The material was written in Fuuta Jalon, Guinea in 1969. The material was digitized in Dakar, Senegal. The video contains El hadj Mouhamadou Sall sharing ...

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