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The School of Hospitality Administration is a full-time, four-year bachelor degree program. Grounded in the liberal arts, students first fulfill our core curriculum and then take specialized hospitality courses, preparing them for work in this international industry. With the breadth of our curriculum and the way we integrate work experiences into our academic requirements, students here learn the business of managing hotels, food service, travel and tourism, entertainment, and people. This degree program requires students to participate in an international experience as well as 800 hours of field internships.


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  • Boston Hospitality Review [14]

    Interdisciplinary journal devoted to scholarship and reflection about the theory and practice of hospitality as a business activity and cultural phenomenon.

Recently Added

  • Boston Hospitality Review: Winter 2017 

    Murtha, John D.; Szende, Peter; Cipriano, Justin; Friedman, Alex; Singal, Manisha; Rhou, Yinyoung; Kent, Steve; Dogru, Tarik; Whitaker, Jan (Boston University, 2017-01-27)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Fall 2016 

    Khairallah, Joseph; Foster, Andrea; Adamson, Allen; Dev, Chekitan S.; Hudson, Bradford; Tucker, Erin; Lanz, Leora Halpern; Lesmes, Juan; Szende, Peter; Holcombe, Annie; Muller, Christopher (Boston University, 2016-10)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Winter 2016 

    Lesser, Daniel; Jaeger, Jonathan; Gilston, Jeremy; Brown, Morgan; Lanz, Leora Halpern; Hudson, Bradford; Muller, Christopher; Reinke, Makaela (Boston University, 2016-01)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Spring 2016 

    Wilson, Ken; Ma, Liya; Mody, Makarand; Lanz, Leora Halpern; Lesmes, Juan; Tucker, Erinn D.; Thomas, Nicholas; Brown, Eric; Shani, Amir; Horton, Emily (Boston University, 2016-05)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Summer 2015 

    Wilson, Susan; Fogarty, Allison; Hudson, Bradford; DeSimone, Rachel; Fazzini, Jovanna; Lanz, Leora (Boston University, 2015-05)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Fall 2015 

    Lesser, Daniel; Jaeger, Jonathan; Bowman, Joshua; Ruggie, Graham; Lanz, Leora Halpern; Carmichael, Megan; Whitaker, Jan; Oshins, Michael (Boston University, 2015-09)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Winter 2015 

    Foster, Andrea; Finkelstein, Jenna; Hudson, Bradford; Buchin, Stanley I.; Muller, Christopher; Muratore, Nicco; DeSimone, Rachel (Boston University, 2015-02)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Spring 2013 

    Rogisnky, Rachel; Arrants, Matthew; Hudson, Bradford; Oshins, Michael; Dev, Chekitan S.; Muller, Christopher; Szende, Peter (Boston University, 2013-04)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Fall 2014 

    Foster, Andrea; Hudson, Bradford; Jàszbernèny, Melinda; Birigwa, Mirembe B.; Oliver, Alexis; Szende, Peter (Boston University, 2014-10)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Fall 2012 

    Litvin, Stephen W.; ; Muller, Christopher; Black, Rachel; Rogisnky, Rachel; Arrants, Matthew; Rogisnky, Rachel; Arrants, Matthew; Szende, Peter; Rule, Heather; Hudson, Bradford; Dzamba, Jack (Boston University, 2012-09)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Winter 2014 

    Boston University; Rogisnky, Rachel; Arrants, Matthew; Jermanok, Stephen; Hudson, Bradford; Muller, Christopher; Oshins, Michael (Boston University, 2014-02)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Summer 2013 

    Rogisnky, Rachel; Arrants, Matthew; Murtha, John D.; Muller, Christopher; Hudson, Bradford (Boston University, 2013-06)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Spring 2014 

    Arrants, Matthew; Greenfield, Laurel; Murtha, John D.; Tucker, Erinn D.; Oshins, Michael (Boston University, 2014-06)
  • Boston Hospitality Review: Winter 2013 

    Rogisnky, Rachel; Arrants, Matthew; Luke, Christina; Hudson, Bradford; Bloom, Barry A. N.; Murtha, John D.; Ho, Zoe (Boston University, 2013-01)