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The Department of Computer Science has a distinguished track record of academic excellence and major achievement in an increasingly vital field that is expanding at a rapid pace. Faculty research is published in the most prominent venues and recognized by significant citations and awards, both national and international. BA, MS, and PhD students are recruited for internships and positions by such industry-leading firms as Motorola Labs, Google, and Microsoft, and are also recruited as PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and tenure-track professors by some of the best computer science departments in the country.


Department chair: Mark Crovella
Campus address: 111 Cummington Mall, Room 138
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  • Network-constrained packing of brokered workloads in virtualized environments 

    Bassem, Christine; Bestavros, Azer (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-11-10)
    Providing resource allocation with performance predictability guarantees is increasingly important in cloud platforms, especially for data-intensive applications, in which performance depends greatly on the available rates ...
  • End-to-end informed VM selection in compute clouds 

    Teixeira, Mario; Bestavros, Azer (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-11-10)
    The selection of resources, particularly VMs, in current public IaaS clouds is usually done in a blind fashion, as cloud users do not have much information about resource consumption by co-tenant third-party tasks. In ...
  • Improving distributed virtual network embedding with offline optimization 

    Tazine, Samir; Matta, Ibrahim (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-08-22)
    To cope with the complexity of the ever changing internet architecture, network virtualization services are vowed to play an important role in the future. To provide such solutions effectively, internet providers face the ...
  • On distributed virtual network embedding with guarantees 

    Esposito, Flavio; Di Paola, Donato; Matta, Ibrahim (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-01-10)
    To provide wide-area network services, resources from different infrastructure providers are needed. Leveraging the consensus-based resource allocation literature, we propose a general distributed auction mechanism for the ...
  • A compositional approach to the max-flow problem 

    Kfoury, Assaf (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-06-09)
    Although written as a friendly rejoinder to two negative reviews of a 10-page extended abstract, entitled “A Compositional Approach to Network Algorithms,” itself based on a report by the same title [3], this report is ...
  • An alloy verification model for consensus-based auction protocols 

    Mirzaei, Saber; Esposito, Flavio (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-07-15)
    Max Consensus-based Auction (MCA) protocols are an elegant approach to establish conflict-free distributed allocations in a wide range of network utility maximization problems. A set of agents independently bid on a set ...
  • SDN management layer: design requirements and future direction 

    Wang, Yuefeng; Matta, Ibrahim (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-07-16)
    Computer networks are becoming more and more complex and difficult to manage. The research community has been expending a lot of efforts to come up with a general management paradigm that is able to hide the details of the ...
  • Programming routing policies for video traffic 

    Wang, Yuefeng; Akhtar, Nabeel; Matta, Ibrahim (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2014-07-16)
    Making the network programmable simplifies network management and enables network innovations. The Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) is our solution to enable network programmability. ProtoRINA is a user-space ...
  • Moving in next door: Network flooding as a side channel in cloud environments 

    Agarwal, Yatharth; Murale, Vishnu; Hennessey, Jason; Hogan, Kyle; Varia, Mayank (Springer International Publishing, 2016-11)
    Co-locating multiple tenants' virtual machines (VMs) on the same host underpins public clouds' affordability, but sharing physical hardware also exposes consumer VMs to side channel attacks from adversarial co-residents. ...
  • HIL: designing an exokernel for the data center 

    Hennessey, Jason; Tikale, Sahil; Turk, Ata; Kaynar, Emine Ugur; Hill, Chris; Desnoyers, Peter; Krieger, Orran (ACM, 2016-10)
    We propose a new Exokernel-like layer to allow mutually untrusting physically deployed services to efficiently share the resources of a data center. We believe that such a layer offers not only efficiency gains, but may ...
  • An Experiment on Bare-Metal BigData Provisioning 

    Turk, Ata; Gudimetla, Ravi S.; Kaynar, Emine Ugur; Hennessey, Jason; Tikale, Sahil; Desnoyers, Peter; Krieger, Orran (8th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud 16), 2016-06)
    Many BigData customers use on-demand platforms in the cloud, where they can get a dedicated virtual cluster in a couple of minutes and pay only for the time they use. Increasingly, there is a demand for bare-metal bigdata ...
  • The Quest-V separation kernel for mixed criticality systems 

    Li, Ye; West, Richard; Missimer, Eric (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-11-23)
    Multi- and many-core processors are becoming increasingly popular in embedded systems. Many of these processors now feature hardware virtualization capabilities, such as the ARM Cortex A15, and x86 processors with Intel ...
  • Predictable migration and communication in the Quest-V multikernal 

    Li, Ye; Missimer, Eric; West, Richard (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-11-23)
    Quest-V is a system we have been developing from the ground up, with objectives focusing on safety, predictability and efficiency. It is designed to work on emerging multicore processors with hardware virtualization support. ...
  • Software-defined IDS for securing embedded mobile devices 

    Skowyra, Rick; Bahargam, Sanaz; Bestavros, Azer (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-05-01)
    The increasing deployment of networked mobile embedded devices leads to unique challenges in communications security. This is especially true for embedded biomedical devices and robotic materials handling, in which subversion ...
  • Towards an open cloud marketplace: vision and first steps 

    Bestavros, Azer; Krieger, Orran (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-11-23)
    As one of the most promising, emerging concepts in Information Technology (IT), cloud computing is transforming how IT is consumed and managed; yielding improved cost efficiencies, and delivering flexible, on-demand ...
  • Quest-V: a virtualized multikernel for safety-critical real-time systems 

    West, Richard; Li, Ye; Missimer, Eric (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-11-23)
    Modern processors are increasingly featuring multiple cores, as well as support for hardware virtualization. While these processors are common in desktop and server-class computing, they are less prevalent in embedded and ...
  • Strategic and operational services for workload management in the cloud (PhD thesis) 

    Ishakian, Vatche (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-02-08)
    In hosting environments such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds, desirable application performance is typically guaranteed through the use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which specify minimal fractions of ...
  • Optimizing on-demand resource deployment for peer-assisted content delivery (PhD thesis) 

    Sweha, Raymond (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2013-02-08)
    Increasingly, content delivery solutions leverage client resources in exchange for service in a peer-to-peer (P2P) fashion. Such peer-assisted service paradigms promise significant infrastructure cost reduction, but suffer ...
  • Algebraic characterizations of flow-network typings 

    Kfoury, Assaf (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2012-02-17)
    A flow network N is a capacited finite directed graph, with multiple input ports/arcs and multiple output ports/arcs. A flow f in N assigns a non-negative real number to every arc and is feasible if it satisfies flow ...
  • A domain-specific language for the incremental and modular design of large-scale verifiably-safe flow networks 

    Kfoury, Assaf (Computer Science Department, Boston University, 2011-05-11)
    Flow networks are inductively defined, assembled from small networks or modules to produce arbitrarily large ones, with interchangeable functionally-equivalent parts. We carry out this induction formally using a domain-specific ...

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