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  • Talker identification is not improved by lexical access in the absence of familiar phonology 

    McLaughlin, Deirdre; Cheng, Cheng; Perrachione, Tyler
    Listeners identify talkers more accurately when they are familiar with both the sounds and words of the language being spoken. It is unknown whether lexical information alone can facilitate talker identification in the ...
  • Pitch contour perception test (PCPT) 

    Perrachione, Tyler K. (2014-08-06)
    A computer-based assessment in PsychoPy to ascertain aptitude for lexical tone learning. The zip archive includes stimulus files, stimulus-presentation scripts, methods and procedure descriptions, and an annotated bibliography. ...
  • A Wireless Brain-Machine Interface for Real-Time Speech Synthesis 

    Guenther, Frank H.; Brumberg, Jonathan S.; Wright, E. Joseph; Nieto-Castanon, Alfonso; Tourville, Jason A.; Panko, Mikhail; Law, Robert; Siebert, Steven A.; Bartels, Jess L.; Andreasen, Dinal S.; Ehirim, Princewill; Mao, Hui; Kennedy, Philip R. (Public Library of Science, 2009-12-9)
    BACKGROUND. Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) involving electrodes implanted into the human cerebral cortex have recently been developed in an attempt to restore function to profoundly paralyzed individuals. Current BMIs for ...