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  • Ozonoff, Al; Webster, Thomas; Vieira, Veronica; Weinberg, Janice; Ozonoff, David; Aschengrau, Ann (BioMed Central, 2005-9-15)
    BACKGROUND: A variety of statistical methods have been suggested to assess the degree and/or the location of spatial clustering of disease cases. However, there is relatively little in the literature devoted to comparison ...
  • Sasaki, Asami; Hoen, Anne Gatewood; Ozonoff, Al; Suzuki, Hiroshi; Tanabe, Naohito; Seki, Nao; Saito, Reiko; Brownstein, John S. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011-12-29)
    Guidelines available to school administrators to support school closure decisions during influenza outbreaks are usually not evidence-based. Using empirical data on absentee rates of elementary school students in Japan, ...
  • Young, Robin L; Weinberg, Janice; Vieira, Verónica; Ozonoff, Al; Webster, Thomas F (2010-7-19)
    BACKGROUND. A common, important problem in spatial epidemiology is measuring and identifying variation in disease risk across a study region. In application of statistical methods, the problem has two parts. First, spatial ...

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