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  • Wylie, Blair J; Hashmi, Ahmar H; Singh, Neeru; Singh, Mrigendra P; Tuchman, Jordan; Hussain, Mobassir; Sabin, Lora; Yeboah-Antwi, Kojo; Banerjee, Camellia; Brooks, Mohamad I; Desai, Meghna; Udhayakumar, Venkatachalam; MacLeod, William B; Dash, Aditya P; Hamer, Davidson H (BioMed Central, 2010-9-17)
    BACKGROUND. Malaria in pregnancy in India, as elsewhere, is responsible for maternal anemia and adverse pregnancy outcomes such as low birth weight and preterm birth. It is not known whether prevention and treatment ...
  • Hamer, Davidson H; Singh, Mrigendra P; Wylie, Blair J; Yeboah-Antwi, Kojo; Tuchman, Jordan; Desai, Meghna; Udhayakumar, Venkatachalam; Gupta, Priti; Brooks, Mohamad I; Shukla, Manmohan M; Awasthy, Kiran; Sabin, Lora; MacLeod, William B; Dash, Aditya P; Singh, Neeru (BioMed Central, 2009-9-3)
    BACKGROUND. Past studies in India included only symptomatic pregnant women and thus may have overestimated the proportion of women with malaria. Given the large population at risk, a cross sectional study was conducted in ...
  • Krezanoski, Paul J; Comfort, Alison B; Hamer, Davidson H (BioMed Central, 2010-6-27)
    BACKGROUND Insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) have been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality due to malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Strategies using incentives to increase ITN use could be more efficient than traditional ...

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