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  • Boston University Libraries; Ammerman, Jack (2009-10-22)
    This is an early draft of a workflow and procedure manual for Boston University's Digital Common.
  • Bollini, Andrea; Meschini, Federico (DSUG Roma, 2007)
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module will introduce the item submission workflows available in DSpace. Workflows allow submissions to be checked before entering the repository. Submissions may be checked for accuracy, in order to improve the ...
  • Donohue, Tim; Salo, Dorothea (2007-06-01)
    This short booklet is intended to introduce the commonest non-obvious customization related tasks for newcomers to DSpace administration. It has been written against the current stable version 1.3.2 of DSpace. We have ...
  • DSpace Foundation (The DSpace Foundation, 2008-05)
    DSpace is an open source software platform that enables organizations to: - Capture and describe digital material using a submission workflow module, or a variety of programmatic ingest options - Distribute an organization's ...
  • Donohue, Tim; Salo, Dorothea (2006-06)
    These slides were created in HTML with s5 ( They are here in their print form owing to DSpace's poor handling of CSS and JavaScript. The slides are from a tutorial given 11 June 2006 ...

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