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  • Zikopoulos, Basilis; Barbas, Helen (Public Library of Science, 2007-9-5)
    Pathways linking the thalamus and cortex mediate our daily shifts from states of attention to quiet rest, or sleep, yet little is known about their architecture in high-order neural systems associated with cognition, emotion ...
  • Barbas, Helen; Hilgetag, Claus C; Saha, Subhash; Dermon, Caterina R; Suski, Joanna L (BioMed Central, 2005-5-3)
    BACKGROUND: The neocortical commissures have a fundamental role in functional integration across the cerebral hemispheres. We investigated whether commissural projections in prefrontal cortices are organized according to ...
  • Bohland, Jason W.; Wu, Caizhi; Barbas, Helen; Bokil, Hemant; Bota, Mihail; Breiter, Hans C.; Cline, Hollis T.; Doyle, John C.; Freed, Peter J.; Greenspan, Ralph J.; Haber, Suzanne N.; Hawrylycz, Michael; Herrera, Daniel G.; Hilgetag, Claus C.; Huang, Z. Josh; Jones, Allan; Jones, Edward G.; Karten, Harvey J.; Kleinfeld, David; Kötter, Rolf; Lester, Henry A.; Lin, John M.; Mensh, Brett D.; Mikula, Shawn; Panksepp, Jaak; Price, Joseph L.; Safdieh, Joseph; Saper, Clifford B.; Schiff, Nicholas D.; Schmahmann, Jeremy D.; Stillman, Bruce W.; Svoboda, Karel; Swanson, Larry W.; Toga, Arthur W.; Van Essen, David C.; Watson, James D.; Mitra, Partha P. (Public Library of Science, 2009-3-27)
    In this era of complete genomes, our knowledge of neuroanatomical circuitry remains surprisingly sparse. Such knowledge is critical, however, for both basic and clinical research into brain function. Here we advocate for ...
  • Hilgetag, Claus C; Barbas, Helen (Public Library of Science, 2006-3-24)
    The convoluted cortex of primates is instantly recognizable in its principal morphologic features, yet puzzling in its complex finer structure. Various hypotheses have been proposed about the mechanisms of its formation. ...
  • Barbas, Helen; Saha, Subhash; Rempel-Clower, Nancy; Ghashghaei, Troy (BioMed Central, 2003-10-10)
    BACKGROUND: Experiencing emotions engages high-order orbitofrontal and medial prefrontal areas, and expressing emotions involves low-level autonomic structures and peripheral organs. How is information from the cortex ...

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