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  • Bera, Debajyoti (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2008-07-22)
    We present a technique to derive depth lower bounds for quantum circuits. The technique is based on the observation that in circuits without ancillae, only a few input states can set all the control qubits of a Toffoli ...
  • Bera, Debajyoti; Homer, Steve (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2009-06-05)
    We consider a fault model of Boolean gates, both classical and quantum, where some of the inputs may not be connected to the actual gate hardware. This model is somewhat similar to the stuck-at model which is a very popular ...
  • Esposito, Flavio; Matta, Ibrahim; Bera, Debajyoti; Michiardi, Pietro (CS Department, Boston University, 2010-10-15)
    In a content distribution (file sharing) scenario, the initial phase is delicate due to the lack of global knowledge and the dynamics of the overlay. An unwise piece dissemination in this phase can cause delays in reaching ...
  • Bera, Debajyoti; Green, Frederic; Homer, Steven (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2007)
    Small depth quantum circuits have proved to be unexpectedly powerful in comparison to their classical counterparts. We survey some of the recent work on this and present some open problems.
  • Bera, Debajyoti; Fenner, Stephen; Green, Frederic; Homer, Steve (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2008-02-15)
    We define and construct efficient depth universal and almost size universal quantum circuits. Such circuits can be viewed as general purpose simulators for central classes of quantum circuits and can be used to capture the ...

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