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  • Erramilli, Vijay; Chaintreau, Augustin; Crovella, Mark; Diot, Christophe (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2007)
    Forwarding in DTNs is a challenging problem. We focus on the specific issue of forwarding in an environment where mobile devices are carried by people in a restricted physical space (e.g. a conference) and contact patterns ...
  • Erramilli, Vijay (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2009)
    Recent advances in processor speeds, mobile communications and battery life have enabled computers to evolve from completely wired to completely mobile. In the most extreme case, all nodes are mobile and communication takes ...
  • Erramilli, Vijay; Crovella, Mark; Taft, Nina (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2006-09-06)
    A common assumption made in traffic matrix (TM) modeling and estimation is independence of a packet's network ingress and egress. We argue that in real IP networks, this assumption should not and does not hold. The fact ...
  • Erramilli, Vijay; Matta, Ibrahim; Bestavros, Azer (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2004-06-18)
    Wireless sensor networks are characterized by limited energy resources. To conserve energy, application-specific aggregation (fusion) of data reports from multiple sensors can be beneficial in reducing the amount of data ...

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