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  • Bestavros, Azer; Crovella, Mark; Liu, Jun; Martin, David (Boston University Computer Science Department, 1998-02-01)
    To construct high performance Web servers, system builders are increasingly turning to distributed designs. An important challenge that arises in distributed Web servers is the need to direct incoming connections to ...
  • Bestavros, Azer; Kim, Gitae (Boston University Computer Science Department, 1997-01-24)
    While ATM bandwidth-reservation techniques are able to offer the guarantees necessary for the delivery of real-time streams in many applications (e.g. live audio and video), they suffer from many disadvantages that make ...
  • Kim, Gitae; Bestavros, Azer (Boston University Computer Science Department, 1998-02-09)
    A number of recent studies have pointed out that TCP's performance over ATM networks tends to suffer, especially under congestion and switch buffer limitations. Switch-level enhancements and link-level flow control have ...
  • Harfoush, Khaled; Bestavros, Azer; Byers, John (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2000-05-30)
    Current Internet transport protocols make end-to-end measurements and maintain per-connection state to regulate the use of shared network resources. When two or more such connections share a common endpoint, there is an ...

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