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  • Zhang, Yuting; Bestavros, Azer; Guirguis, Mina; Matta, Ibrahim; West, Richard (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2004-07-19)
    With the increased use of "Virtual Machines" (VMs) as vehicles that isolate applications running on the same host, it is necessary to devise techniques that enable multiple VMs to share underlying resources both fairly and ...
  • Diamant, Gali; Veytser, Leonid; Matta, Ibrahim; Bestavros, Azer; Guirguis, Mina; Guo, Liang; Zhang, Yuting; Chen, Sean (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2003-12-16)
    Internet Traffic Managers (ITMs) are special machines placed at strategic places in the Internet. itmBench is an interface that allows users (e.g. network managers, service providers, or experimental researchers) to register ...
  • Guirguis, Mina; Bestavros, Azer; Matta, Ibrahim; Riga, Niky; Diamant, Gali; Zhang, Yuting (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2003-12-02)
    The best-effort nature of the Internet poses a significant obstacle to the deployment of many applications that require guaranteed bandwidth. In this paper, we present a novel approach that enables two edge/border routers-which ...
  • Zhang, Yuting; West, Richard; Qi, Xin (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2004-03-23)
    This paper presents a new approach to window-constrained scheduling, suitable for multimedia and weakly-hard real-time systems. We originally developed an algorithm, called Dynamic Window-Constrained Scheduling (DWCS), ...

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