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  • Kaiser, Marcus; Hilgetag, Claus C.; Kötter, Rolf (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2010-08-23)
  • Stephan, Klaas Enno; McIntosh, Anthony Randal; Hilgetag, Claus C. (Public Library of Science, 2010-10-28)
  • Kaiser, Marcus; Hilgetag, Claus C. (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2010-05-14)
    An essential requirement for the representation of functional patterns in complex neural networks, such as the mammalian cerebral cortex, is the existence of stable regimes of network activation, typically arising from a ...
  • Bohland, Jason W.; Wu, Caizhi; Barbas, Helen; Bokil, Hemant; Bota, Mihail; Breiter, Hans C.; Cline, Hollis T.; Doyle, John C.; Freed, Peter J.; Greenspan, Ralph J.; Haber, Suzanne N.; Hawrylycz, Michael; Herrera, Daniel G.; Hilgetag, Claus C.; Huang, Z. Josh; Jones, Allan; Jones, Edward G.; Karten, Harvey J.; Kleinfeld, David; Kötter, Rolf; Lester, Henry A.; Lin, John M.; Mensh, Brett D.; Mikula, Shawn; Panksepp, Jaak; Price, Joseph L.; Safdieh, Joseph; Saper, Clifford B.; Schiff, Nicholas D.; Schmahmann, Jeremy D.; Stillman, Bruce W.; Svoboda, Karel; Swanson, Larry W.; Toga, Arthur W.; Van Essen, David C.; Watson, James D.; Mitra, Partha P. (Public Library of Science, 2009-3-27)
    In this era of complete genomes, our knowledge of neuroanatomical circuitry remains surprisingly sparse. Such knowledge is critical, however, for both basic and clinical research into brain function. Here we advocate for ...

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