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  • Rosen, Sydney; Sanne, Ian; Collier, Alizanne; Simon, Jonathon L. (2010-01-28)
    Background: Rationing of access to antiretroviral therapy already exists in sub-Saharan Africa and will intensify as national treatment programs develop. The number of people who are medically eligible for therapy will ...
  • Larson, Bruce; Rosen, Sydney (2010-01-28)
    Background Achieving the goals set by Roll Back Malaria and the Government of Kenya for use of insecticide treated bednets (ITNs) will require that the private retail market for nets and insecticide treatments grow ...
  • Rosen, Sydney; Simon, Jonathon L. (2010-01-28)
    As the economic burden of HIV/AIDS increases in sub-Saharan Africa, the allocation of the burden among levels and sectors of societies is changing. The private sector has greater scope than government, households, or NGOs ...
  • Connelly, Patrick; Rosen, Sydney (2010-01-28)
    Background: In the past three years, many large employers in South Africa have announced publicly their intention of making antiretroviral treatment (ART) available to employees. Reports of the scope and success of these ...
  • Rosen, Sydney; MacLeod, William; Jeffrey R., Vincent; Donald M., Thea; Jonathon L., Simon (2010-01-28)
    Objective: To identify differences between manufacturing firms in Nigeria that have undertaken HIV/AIDS prevention activities and those that have not as a step toward improving the targeting of HIV policies and interventions. ...

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