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  • Liu, Manway; Liberzon, Arthur; Kong, Sek Won; Lai, Weil R; Park, Peter J; Kohane, Isaac S; Kasif, Simon (Public Library of SCience, 2007-6-15)
    Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a complex disorder associated with multiple genetic, epigenetic, developmental, and environmental factors. Animal models of type 2 diabetes differ based on diet, drug treatment, and gene knockouts, ...
  • Ergün, Ayla; Lawrence, Carolyn A; Kohanski, Michael A; Brennan, Timothy A; Collins, James J (2007-02-13)
    There is a need to identify genetic mediators of solid-tumor cancers, such as prostate cancer, where invasion and distant metastases determine the clinical outcome of the disease. Whole-genome expression profiling offers ...
  • Khinchuk, Ksenya (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 1991-11)
  • Zhavoronkov, Gennadi (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 1993-04)
  • Verbitz, Max (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 2004-03)
  • Afanasyev, Yuri (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 1994-02)
  • Hampel, Adolf (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 1991-02)
  • Lohman, Diederik (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 1996-11)
  • Heard-Costa, Nancy L.; Zillikens, M. Carola; Monda, Keri L.; Johansson, Åsa; Harris, Tamara B.; Fu, Mao; Haritunians, Talin; Feitosa, Mary F.; Aspelund, Thor; Eiriksdottir, Gudny; Garcia, Melissa; Launer, Lenore J.; Smith, Albert V.; Mitchell, Braxton D.; McArdle, Patrick F.; Shuldiner, Alan R.; Bielinski, Suzette J.; Boerwinkle, Eric; Brancati, Fred; Demerath, Ellen W.; Pankow, James S.; Arnold, Alice M.; Chen, Yii-Der Ida; Glazer, Nicole L.; McKnight, Barbara; Psaty, Bruce M.; Rotter, Jerome I.; Amin, Najaf; Campbell, Harry; Gyllensten, Ulf; Pattaro, Cristian; Pramstaller, Peter P.; Rudan, Igor; Struchalin, Maksim; Vitart, Veronique; Gao, Xiaoyi; Kraja, Aldi; Province, Michael A.; Zhang, Qunyuan; Atwood, Larry D.; Dupuis, Josée; Hirschhorn, Joel N.; Jaquish, Cashell E.; O'Donnell, Christopher J.; Vasan, Ramachandran S.; White, Charles C.; Aulchenko, Yurii S.; Estrada, Karol; Hofman, Albert; Rivadeneira, Fernando; Uitterlinden, André G.; Witteman, Jacqueline C. M.; Oostra, Ben A.; Kaplan, Robert C.; Gudnason, Vilmundur; O'Connell, Jeffrey R.; Borecki, Ingrid B.; van Duijn, Cornelia M.; Cupples, L. Adrienne; Fox, Caroline S.; North, Kari E. (Public Library of Science, 2009-6-26)
    Central abdominal fat is a strong risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To identify common variants influencing central abdominal fat, we conducted a two-stage genome-wide association analysis for waist ...
  • Berghöfer, Anne; Pischon, Tobias; Reinhold, Thomas; Apovian, Caroline M; Sharma, Arya M; Willich, Stefan N (BioMed Central, 2008-6-5)
    BACKGROUND. Obesity has been recognised as an important contributing factor in the development of various diseases, but comparative data on this condition are limited. We therefore aimed to identify and discuss current ...
  • Clark, Chalmers C. (The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 2005)
  • Kimura, Masayuki; Cherkas, Lynn F; Kato, Bernet S; Demissie, Serkalem; Hjelmborg, Jacob B; Brimacombe, Michael; Cupples, Adrienne; Hunkin, Janice L; Gardner, Jefferey P; Lu, Xiaobin; Cao, Xiaojian; Sastrasinh, Malinee; Province, Michael A; Hunt, Steven C; Christensen, Kaare; Levy, Daniel; Spector, Tim D; Aviv, Abraham (Public Library of Science, 2008-2-15)
    Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is a complex genetic trait. It shortens with age and is associated with a host of aging-related disorders. Recent studies have observed that offspring of older fathers have longer LTLs. We ...
  • Won, Sungho; Wilk, Jemma B.; Mathias, Rasika A.; O'Donnell, Christopher J.; Silverman, Edwin K.; Barnes, Kathleen; O'Connor, George T.; Weiss, Scott T.; Lange, Christoph (Public Library of Science, 2009-11-26)
    For genome-wide association studies in family-based designs, we propose a new, universally applicable approach. The new test statistic exploits all available information about the association, while, by virtue of its design, ...
  • Rosenthal, Rosalind A.; Huffman, Karl D.; Fisette, Leslie W.; Damphousse, Christy A.; Callaway, Wyeth B.; Malfroy, Bernard; Doctrow, Susan R. (Springer-Verlag, 2009-6-6)
    Superoxide dismutase/catalase mimetics, such as salen Mn complexes and certain metalloporphyrins, catalytically neutralize reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of many serious ...
  • Lynch, Tammy (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 2005-02)
  • Smith, Temple F; Lee, Jung C; Gutell, Robin R; Hartman, Hyman (BioMed Central, 2008-4-22)
    BACKGROUND. The origin and early evolution of the active site of the ribosome can be elucidated through an analysis of the ribosomal proteins' taxonomic block structures and their RNA interactions. Comparison between the ...
  • Walter, J; Ghosh, MK; Kuhn, L; Semrau, K; Sinkala, M; Kankasa, C; Thea, DM; Aldrovandi, GM (BioMed Central, 2009-10-22)
  • Zurovac, Dejan; Ndhlovu, Mickey; Sipilanyambe, Nawa; Chanda, Pascalina; Hamer, Davidson H; Simon, Jon L; Snow, Robert W (BioMed Central, 2007-3-16)
    BACKGROUND Zambia was the first African country to change national antimalarial treatment policy to artemisinin-based combination therapy – artemether-lumefantrine. An evaluation during the early implementation phase ...
  • Kaliyev (Chiharro), Roustam (Boston University Center for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy, 2001-09)
  • Rosen, Sydney; Fox, Matthew P; Gill, Christopher J (Public Library of Science, 2007-10-16)
    BACKGROUND. Long-term retention of patients in Africa's rapidly expanding antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs for HIV/AIDS is essential for these programs' success but has received relatively little attention. In this ...

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