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  • Holloway, Dustin T.; Kon, Mark; DeLisi, Charles (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2006-10-31)
    High throughput technologies, including array-based chromatin immunoprecipitation, have rapidly increased our knowledge of transcriptional maps-the identity and location of regulatory binding sites within genomes. Still, ...
  • Zhang, Kexiong; Waxman, David J (BioMed Central, 2010-12-29)
    BACKGROUND Cancer stem-like cells are proposed to sustain solid tumors by virtue of their capacity for self-renewal and differentiation to cells that comprise the bulk of the tumor, and have been identified for a variety ...
  • Dalgin, Gul S; Alexe, Gabriela; Scanfeld, Daniel; Tamayo, Pablo; Mesirov, Jill P; Ganesan, Shridar; DeLisi, Charles; Bhanot, Gyan (BioMed Central, 2007-8-6)
    BACKGROUND. Clustering analysis of microarray data is often criticized for giving ambiguous results because of sensitivity to data perturbation or clustering techniques used. In this paper, we describe a new method based ...
  • Zheng, Yu; Cohen-Karni, Devora; Xu, Derrick; Chin, Hang Gyeong; Wilson, Geoffrey; Pradhan, Sriharsa; Roberts, Richard J. (Oxford University Press, 2010-5-5)
    Mrr superfamily of homologous genes in microbial genomes restricts modified DNA in vivo. However, their biochemical properties in vitro have remained obscure. Here, we report the experimental characterization of MspJI, a ...
  • Hu, Zhenjun; Mellor, Joe; Wu, Jie; Yamada, Takuji; Holloway, Dustin; DeLisi, Charles (Oxford University Press, 2005-06-27)
    VisANT is a web-based software framework for visualizing and analyzing many types of networks of biological interactions and associations. Networks are a useful computational tool for representing many types of biological ...

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