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  • Wyszynski, Diego F; Panhuysen, Carolien I; Ma, Qianli; Yip, Agustin G; Wilcox, Marsha; Erlich, Porat; Farrer, Lindsay A (BioMed Central, 2003-12-31)
    BACKGROUND. To find specific genes predisposing to heavy alcohol consumption (self-reported consumption of 24 grams or more of alcohol per day among men and 12 grams or more among women), we studied 330 families collected ...
  • Yip, Agustin G; Ma, Qianli; Wilcox, Marsha; Panhuysen, Carolien I; Farrell, John; Farrer, Lindsay A; Wyszynski, Diego F (BioMed Central, 2003-12-31)
    BACKGROUND. Atherogenic dyslipidemia (AD) is a common feature in persons with premature coronary heart disease. While several linkage studies have been carried out to dissect the genetic etiology of lipid levels, few have ...

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