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  • Ergün, Ayla; Lawrence, Carolyn A; Kohanski, Michael A; Brennan, Timothy A; Collins, James J (2007-02-13)
    There is a need to identify genetic mediators of solid-tumor cancers, such as prostate cancer, where invasion and distant metastases determine the clinical outcome of the disease. Whole-genome expression profiling offers ...
  • Shamir, Maoz; Ghitza, Oded; Epstein, Steven; Kopell, Nancy (Public Library of Science, 2009-5-1)
    Sensory processing is associated with gamma frequency oscillations (30–80 Hz) in sensory cortices. This raises the question whether gamma oscillations can be directly involved in the representation of time-varying stimuli, ...
  • Kramer, Mark A.; Roopun, Anita K.; Carracedo, Lucy M.; Traub, Roger D.; Whittington, Miles A.; Kopell, Nancy J. (Public Library of Science, 2008-9-5)
    Rhythmic voltage oscillations resulting from the summed activity of neuronal populations occur in many nervous systems. Contemporary observations suggest that coexistent oscillations interact and, in time, may switch in ...
  • Hayete, Boris; Gardner, Timothy S; Collins, James J (2007-02-13)
  • Murphy, Kevin F.; Adams, Rhys M.; Wang, Xiao; Balázsi, Gábor; Collins, James J. (Oxford University Press, 2010-03-08)
    Synthetic gene networks can be used to control gene expression and cellular phenotypes in a variety of applications. In many instances, however, such networks can behave unreliably due to gene expression noise. Accordingly, ...

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