Toward Integration of Religion and Medical Ethics


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dc.creator Gellérd, Judit 2009-10-19 2012-08-21T19:53:21Z 2012-08-21T19:53:21Z 2012-08-21
dc.description Having practiced neuropsychiatry in communist East-Central Europe for sixteen years, and now studying theology and ethics, the author argues for the necessity of medical praxis that integrates theological thinking. She uses illustrations from her cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural experience to suggest an integrative model. She encounters the dilemma of facing two radically different interpretative models, the cognitive scientific and the theological; and she concludes that she need not choose between them.
dc.format application/pdf
dc.language eng
dc.publisher Boston Theological Institute
dc.source Journal of Faith and Science Exchange; Journal of Faith and Science Exchange, Vol. 5
dc.title Toward Integration of Religion and Medical Ethics
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