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  • Mattar, Karim; Matta, Ibrahim; Day, John; Ishakian, Vatche; Gursun, Gonca (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2008-07-12)
    Transport protocols are an integral part of the inter-process communication (IPC) service used by application processes to communicate over the network infrastructure. With almost 30 years of research on transport, one ...
  • Gursun, Gonca; Crovella, Mark; Matta, Ibrahim (CS Department, Boston University, 2010-11-10)
    Computer systems are increasingly driven by workloads that reflect large-scale social behavior, such as rapid changes in the popularity of media items like videos. Capacity planners and system designers must plan for rapid, ...
  • Gursun, Gonca; Matta, Ibrahim; Mattar, Karim (Boston University Computer Science Department, 2009-04-17)
    We revisit the problem of connection management for reliable transport. At one extreme, a pure soft-state (SS) approach (as in Delta-t [9]) safely removes the state of a connection at the sender and receiver once the state ...
  • Medina, Alberto; Gursun, Gonca; Basu, Prithwish; Matta, Ibrahim (CS Department, Boston University, 2010-05-14)
    Mobility models have traditionally been tailored to specific application domains such as human, military, or ad hoc transportation scenarios. This tailored approach often renders a mobility model useless when the application ...

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