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  • Fregosi, Ralph F; Quan, Stuart F; Jackson, Andrew C; Kaemingk, Kris L; Morgan, Wayne J; Goodwin, Jamie L; Reeder, Jenny C; Cabrera, Rosaria K; Antonio, Elena (BioMed Central, 2004-4-29)
    BACKGROUND. We tested the hypothesis that ventilatory drive in hypoxia and hypercapnia is inversely correlated with the number of hypopneas and obstructive apneas per hour of sleep (obstructive apnea hypopnea index, OAHI) ...
  • Hu, Zhenjun; Hung, Jui-Hung; Wang, Yan; Chang, Yi-Chien; Huang, Chia-Ling; Huyck, Matt; DeLisi, Charles (2009-7-1)
    Despite its wide usage in biological databases and applications, the role of the gene ontology (GO) in network analysis is usually limited to functional annotation of genes or gene sets with auxiliary information on ...
  • Hu, Zhenjun; Mellor, Joseph; Wu, Jie; DeLisi, Charles (BioMed Central, 2004-2-19)
    BACKGROUND. New techniques for determining relationships between biomolecules of all types – genes, proteins, noncoding DNA, metabolites and small molecules – are now making a substantial contribution to the widely discussed ...
  • Hu, Zhenjun; Mellor, Joe; Wu, Jie; Yamada, Takuji; Holloway, Dustin; DeLisi, Charles (Oxford University Press, 2005-06-27)
    VisANT is a web-based software framework for visualizing and analyzing many types of networks of biological interactions and associations. Networks are a useful computational tool for representing many types of biological ...

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