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  • Sebastiani, Paola; Zhao, Zhenming; Abad-Grau, Maria M; Riva, Alberto; Hartley, Stephen W; Sedgewick, Amanda E; Doria, Alessandro; Montano, Monty; Melista, Efthymia; Terry, Dellara; Perls, Thomas T; Steinberg, Martin H; Baldwin, Clinton T (BioMed Central, 2008-1-14)
    BACKGROUND: One of the challenges of the analysis of pooling-based genome wide association studies is to identify authentic associations among potentially thousands of false positive associations. RESULTS. We present a ...
  • Sebastiani, Paola; Montano, Monty; Puca, Annibale; Solovieff, Nadia; Kojima, Toshio; Wang, Meng C.; Melista, Efthymia; Meltzer, Micah; Fischer, Sylvia E. J.; Andersen, Stacy; Hartley, Stephen H.; Sedgewick, Amanda; Arai, Yasumichi; Bergman, Aviv; Barzilai, Nir; Terry, Dellara F.; Riva, Alberto; Anselmi, Chiara Viviani; Malovini, Alberto; Kitamoto, Aya; Sawabe, Motoji; Arai, Tomio; Gondo, Yasuyuki; Steinberg, Martin H.; Hirose, Nobuyoshi; Atzmon, Gil; Ruvkun, Gary; Baldwin, Clinton T.; Perls, Thomas T. (Public Library of Science, 2009-12-14)
    BACKGROUND. The strong familiality of living to extreme ages suggests that human longevity is genetically regulated. The majority of genes found thus far to be associated with longevity primarily function in lipoprotein ...

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