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  • Ryan, Joseph F.; Mazza, Maureen E.; Pang, Kevin; Matus, David Q.; Baxevanis, Andreas D.; Martindale, Mark Q.; Finnerty, John R. (Public Library of Science, 2007-1-24)
    BACKGROUND. Hox genes were critical to many morphological innovations of bilaterian animals. However, early Hox evolution remains obscure. Phylogenetic, developmental, and genomic analyses on the cnidarian sea anemone ...
  • Sullivan, James C.; Ryan, Joseph F.; Watson, James A.; Webb, Jeramy; Mullikin, James C.; Rokhsar, Daniel; Finnerty, John R. (Oxford University Press, 2005-12-28)
    StellaBase, the Nematostella vectensis Genomics Database, is a web-based resource that will facilitate desktop and bench-top studies of the starlet sea anemone. Nematostella is an emerging model organism that has already ...

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