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  • Lehár, Joseph; Zimmermann, Grant R; Krueger, Andrew S; Molnar, Raymond A; Ledell, Jebediah T; Heilbut, Adrian M; Short, Glenn F; Giusti, Leanne C; Nolan, Garry P; Magid, Omar A; Lee, Margaret S; Borisy, Alexis A; Stockwell, Brent R; Keith, Curtis T (2007-02-27)
    Efforts to construct therapeutically useful models of biological systems require large and diverse sets of data on functional connections between their components. Here we show that cellular responses to combinations of ...
  • Owens, Christopher M; Mawhinney, Christina; Grenier, Jill M; Altmeyer, Ralf; Lee, Margaret S; Borisy, Alexis A; Lehár, Joseph; Johansen, Lisa M (Nature Publishing Group, 2010-06-08)
    The search for effective Hepatitis C antiviral therapies has recently focused on host sterol metabolism and protein prenylation pathways that indirectly affect viral replication. However, inhibition of the sterol pathway ...
  • Lehár, Joseph; Krueger, Andrew; Zimmermann, Grant; Borisy, Alexis (Nature Publishing Group, 2008-08-05)
    Biological systems are robust, in that they can maintain stable phenotypes under varying conditions or attacks. Biological systems are also complex, being organized into many functional modules that communicate through ...

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