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  • Dotan-Cohen, Dikla; Letovsky, Stan; Melkman, Avraham A.; Kasif, Simon (Public Library of Science, 2009-4-23)
    BACKGROUND. The traditional approach to studying complex biological networks is based on the identification of interactions between internal components of signaling or metabolic pathways. By comparison, little is known ...
  • Roberts, Richard J.; Chang, Yi-Chien; Hu, Zhenjun; Rachlin, John N.; Anton, Brian P.; Pokrzywa, Revonda M.; Choi, Han-Pil; Faller, Lina L.; Guleria, Jyotsna; Housman, Genevieve; Klitgord, Niels; Mazumdar, Varun; McGettrick, Mark G.; Osmani, Lais; Swaminathan, Rajeswari; Tao, Kevin R.; Letovsky, Stan; Vitkup, Dennis; Segrè, Daniel; Salzberg, Steven L.; Delisi, Charles; Steffen, Martin; Kasif, Simon (2010-11-20)
    COMBREX ( is a project to increase the speed of the functional annotation of new bacterial and archaeal genomes. It consists of a database of functional predictions produced by computational biologists ...

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