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  • A new method for counting reproductive structures in digitized herbarium specimens using mask R-CNN 

    Davis, Charles C.; Champ, Julien; Park, Daniel S.; Breckheimer, Ian; Lyra, Goia M.; Xie, Junxi; Joly, Alexis; Tarapore, Dharmesh; Ellison, Aaron M.; Bonnet, Pierre
    Phenology—the timing of life-history events—is a key trait for understanding responses of organisms to climate. The digitization and online mobilization of herbarium specimens is rapidly advancing our understanding of plant ...
  • Distribution regression with sample selection, with an application to wage decompositions in the UK 

    Fernandez-Val, Ivan; Chernozhukov, Victor; Luo, Siyi (Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap), London, 2018)
    We develop a distribution regression model under endogenous sample selection. This model is a semiparametric generalization of the Heckman selection model that accommodates much rich patterns of heterogeneity in the selection ...
  • Query-efficient correlation clustering 

    David, Garcia-Soriano; Kutzkov, Konstantin; Francesco, Bonchi; Tsourakakis, Charalampos (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-04)
    Correlation clustering is arguably the most natural formulation of clustering. Given n objects and a pairwise similarity measure, the goal is to cluster the objects so that, to the best possible extent, similar objects are ...
  • Flowless: extracting densest subgraphs without flow computations 

    Boob, Digvijay; Gao, Yu; Peng, Richard; Sawlani, Saurabh; Tsourakakis, Charalampos; Wang, Di; Wang, Junxing (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-04)
    The problem of finding dense components of a graph is a major primitive in graph mining and data analysis. The densest subgraph problem (DSP) that asks to find a subgraph with maximum average degree forms a basic primitive ...
  • A two step procedure for testing partial parameter stability in cointegrated regression models 

    Kejriwal, Mohitosh; Perron, Pierre; Xu, Xuewen (2020)
    Kejriwal and Perron (2010, KP) provided a comprehensive treatment for the problem of testing multiple structural changes in cointegrated regression models. A variety of models were considered depending on whether all ...
  • Clustering with a faulty oracle 

    Kasper Green, Larsen; Mitzenmacher, Michael; Tsourakakis, Charalampos (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-04)
    Clustering, i.e., finding groups in the data, is a problem that permeates multiple fields of science and engineering. Recently, the problem of clustering with a noisy oracle has drawn attention due to various applications ...
  • Heideggerian ruminations on being and presence 

    Dahlstrom, Daniel (2019-05-20)
    As Aristotle puts it, ‘being’ (used interchangeably with ‘existence’ here) is said in many ways, including many opposing ways. Potentialities exist precisely as potentialities for specific actualities but the potentialities ...
  • Mortgage design in an equilibrium model of the housing market 

    Guren, Adam M.; Krishnamurthy, Arvind; McQuade, Timothy J. (Wiley, 2020)
    How can mortgages be redesigned to reduce macrovolatility and default? We address this question using a quantitative equilibrium life‐cycle model. Designs with countercyclical payments outperform fixed payments. Among ...
  • Quantifying heart valve interstitial cell contractile state using highly tunable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels 

    Khang, Alex; Gonzalez Rodriguez, Andrea; Schroeder, Megan E.; Sansom, Jacob; Lejeune, Emma; Anseth, Kristi S.; Sacks, Michael S. (Elsevier BV, 2019-09)
    Valve interstitial cells (VIC) are the primary cell type residing within heart valve tissues. In many valve pathologies, VICs become activated and will subsequently profoundly remodel the valve tissue extracellular matrix ...
  • Haitians and problems of acculturation 

    Laurent, Freda Belizaire (1982)
    Haitians as an ethnic group face many problems while trying to acculturate in Boston. This pilot study was conducted in an attempt to identify the major source of their problems in achieving cultural integration. The data ...

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