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  • Obama, Katrina, and the persistence of racial inequality 

    Margo, Robert A. (CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS, 2016-06-01)
    New benchmark estimates of Black-White income ratios for 1870, 1900, and 1940 are combined with standard post-World War census data. The resulting time series reveals that the pace of racial income convergence has generally ...
  • The integration of economic history into economics 

    Margo, Robert A. (Springer Nature America, Inc, 2018-09)
    In the USA today the academic field of economic history is much closer to economics than it is to history in terms of professional behavior, a stylized fact that I call the “integration of economic history into economics.” ...
  • Pan-Arctic distribution of bioavailable dissolved organic matter and linkages with productivity in ocean margins 

    Shen, Yuan; Benner, Ronald; Kaiser, Karl; Fichot, Cedric; Whitledge, Terry
    Rapid environmental changes in the Arctic Ocean affect plankton productivity and the bioavailability of dissolved organic matter (DOM) that supports microbial food webs. We report concentrations of dissolved organic carbon ...
  • The international Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology and Management celebrates its 40th year! 

    Wahle, Richard; Lavalli, Kari (University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, 2018-07-01)
    [PREFACE] Once again, the International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology and Management (ICWL) visited the shores of the northwest Atlantic Ocean, some of the most productive lobster grounds on the planet. The ...
  • Hiding in plain sight: the pursuit of war criminals from Nuremberg to the war on terror 

    Holm, Michael (Simon Fraser University, 2018-05-02)
  • Biomarkers of systemic inflammation and growth in early infancy are associated with stunting in young Tanzanian children 

    Syed, Sana; Manji, Karim P.; McDonald, Christine M.; Kisenge, Rodrick; Aboud, Said; Sudfeld, Christopher; Locks, Lindsey; Liu, Enju; Fawzi, Wafaie W.; Duggan, Christopher P. (MDPI, 2018-09-01)
    Stunting can afflict up to one-third of children in resource-constrained countries. We hypothesized that low-grade systemic inflammation (defined as elevations in serum C-reactive protein or alpha-1-acid glycoprotein) in ...
  • Behind the scenes: doing science across the spectrum 

    Marscher, Alan
    Summary of observations of blazars from radio through gamma-ray wavelengths, and their interpretation in terms of relativistic jets of ultra-high-energy particles and magnetic fields, powered by super-massive black holes ...
  • Multi-wavelength characterization of the blazar S5 0716+714 during an unprecedented outburst phase 

    Ahnen, M. L.; Ansoldi, S.; Antonelli, L. A.; Arcaro, C.; Baack, D.; Babic, A.; Banerjee, B.; Bangale, P.; Barres de Almeida, U.; Barrio, JA; Becerra Gonzalez, J.; Bednarek, W.; Bernardini, E.; Berse, R. Ch.; Berti, A.; Bhattacharyya, W.; Biland, A.; Blanch, O.; Bonnoli, G.; Carosi, R.; Carosi, A.; Ceribella, G.; Chatterjee, A.; Colak, S. M.; Colin, P.; Colombo, E.; Contreras, J. L.; Cortina, J.; Covino, S.; Cumani, P.; Da Vela, P.; Dazzi, F.; De Angelis, A.; De Lotto, B.; Delfino, M.; Delgado, J.; Di Pierro, F.; Dominguez, A.; Prester, D. Dominis; Dorner, D.; Doro, M.; Einecke, S.; Elsaesser, D.; Ramazani, V. Fallah; Fernandez-Barral, A.; Fidalgo, D.; Fonseca, M.; Font, L; Fruck, C.; Galindo, D.; Gallozzi, S.; Garcia Lopez, RJ; Garczarczyk, M.; Gaug, M.; Giammaria, P.; Godinovic, N.; Gora, D.; Guberman, D.; Hadasch, D.; Hahn, A.; Hassan, T.; Hayashida, M.; Herrera, J.; Hose, J.; Hrupec, D.; Ishio, K.; Konno, Y.; Kubo, H.; Kushida, J.; Kuvezdic, D.; Lelas, D.; Lindfors, E.; Lombardi, S.; Longo, F.; Lopez, M.; Maggio, C.; Majumdar, P.; Makariev, M.; Maneva, G.; Manganaro, M.; Mannheim, K.; Maraschi, L.; Mariotti, M.; Martinez, M.; Masuda, S.; Mazin, D.; Mielke, K.; Minev, M.; Miranda, J. M.; Mirzoyan, R.; Moralejo, A.; Moreno, V.; Moretti, E.; Nagayoshi, T.; Neustroev, V.; Niedzwiecki, A.; Nievas Rosillo, M.; Nigro, C.; Nilsson, K.; Ninci, D.; Nishijima, K.; Noda, K.; Nogues, L.; Paiano, S.; Palacio, J.; Paneque, D.; Paoletti, R.; Paredes, J. M.; Pedaletti, G.; Peresano, M.; Persic, M.; Moroni, P. G. Prada; Prandini, E.; Puljak, I.; Garcia, J. R.; Reichardt, I.; Rhode, W.; Ribo, M.; Rico, J.; Righi, C.; Rugliancich, A.; Saito, T.; Satalecka, K.; Schweizer, T.; Sitarek, J.; Snidaric, I.; Sobczynska, D.; Stamerra, A.; Strzys, M.; Suric, T.; Takahashi, M.; Takalo, L.; Tavecchio, F.; Temnikov, P.; Terzic, T.; Teshima, M.; Torres-Alba, N.; Treves, A.; Tsujimoto, S.; Vanzo, G.; Vazquez Acosta, M.; Vovk, I.; Ward, J. E.; Will, M.; Zaric, D.; Bastieri, D.; Gasparrini, D.; Lott, B.; Rani, B.; Thompson, D. J.; Agudo, I.; Angelakis, E.; Borman, G. A.; Casadio, C.; Grishina, T. S.; Gurwel, M.; Hovatta, T.; Itoh, R.; Jarvela, E.; Jermak, H.; Jorstad, S.; Kopatskaya, E. N.; Kraus, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Kuin, N. P. M.; Lahteenmaki, A.; Larionov, V. M.; Larionova, L.; Lien, A. Y.; Madejski, G.; Marscher, Alan P.; Myserlis, I.; Max-Moerbeck, W.; Molina, S. N.; Morozova, D. A.; Nalewajko, K.; Pearson, T. J.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Readhead, A. C. S.; Reeves, R. A.; Savchenko, S. S.; Steele, I. A.; Tornikoski, M.; Troitskaya, Yu.; Troitsky, I.; Vasilyev, A. A.; Zensus, J. Anton (EDP SCIENCES S A, 2018-11-09)
    CONTEXT: The BL Lac object S5 0716+714, a highly variable blazar, underwent an impressive outburst in January 2015 (Phase A), followed by minor activity in February (Phase B). The MAGIC observations were triggered by the ...
  • Adult siblings who have a brother or sister with autism: between-family and within-family variations in sibling relationships 

    Orsmond, Gael I.; Fulford, Daniel (SPRINGER/PLENUM PUBLISHERS, 2018-12-01)
    Prior research on the sibling relationship in the context of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has included only one sibling per family. We used multi-level modeling to examine aspects of the sibling relationship in 207 adults ...

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