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  • Statistical solutions for multiple networks 

    Josephs, Nathaniel (2021)
    Networks are quickly becoming one of the most common data types across diverse disciplines from the biological to the social sciences. Consequently, the study of networks as data objects is fundamental to developing ...
  • Eliciting goal and value-based conversations among the chronic critical illness population in a long-term acute care hospital 

    Mladenovski, Mara B. (2021)
    In the United States, goal and value-based conversations between healthcare professionals and patients experiencing chronic critical illness (CCI) in a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) do not occur routinely as part ...
  • In situ AFM-based nanoscale rheology reveals regional non-uniformity in viscoporoelastic mechanical behavior of the murine periodontal ligament 

    Connizzo, Brianne K.; Naveh, G.R.S. (Elsevier BV, 2020-10)
    The periodontal ligament (PDL) is a critical player in the maintenance of tooth health, acting as the primary stabilizer of tooth position. Recent studies have identified two unique regions within the PDL, the ‘dense collar’ ...
  • Ecological forecasting—21st century science for 21st century management 

    Bradford, J.; Weltzin, J.; Mccormick, M.; Baron, J.; Bowen, Z.; Bristol, S.; Carlisle, D.; Crimmins, T.; Cross, P.; DeVivo, J.; Dietze, Michael; Freeman, M.; Goldberg, J.; Hooten, M.; Hsu, L.; Jenni, K.; Keisman, J.; Kennen, J.; Lee, K.; Lesmes, D.; Loftin, K.; Miller, B.; Murdoch, P.; Newman, J.; Prentice, K.; Rangwala, I.; Reed, J.; Sieracki, J.; Dofaer, H.; Thur, S.; Toevs, G.; Werner, F.; White, L.; White, T.; Wiltermuth, M. (U.S. Geological Survey, 2020-08-04)
    Natural resource managers are coping with rapid changes in both environmental conditions and ecosystems. Enabled by recent advances in data collection and assimilation, short-term ecological forecasting may be a powerful ...
  • Foreign body responses in mouse central nervous system mimic natural wound responses and alter biomaterial functions 

    OʼShea, Timothy M.; Wollenberg, A.L.; Kim, J.H.; Ao, Y.; Deming, T.J.; Sofroniew, M.V. (2020-12-04)
    Biomaterials hold promise for therapeutic applications in the central nervous system (CNS). Little is known about molecular factors that determine CNS foreign body responses (FBRs) in vivo, or about how such responses ...
  • Single-cell cytometry via multiplexed fluorescence prediction by label-free reflectance microscopy 

    Cheng, S.; Fu, S.; Kim, Y.M.; Song, W.; Li, Y.; Xue, Y.; Yi, J.; Tian, Lei (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2021)
    Traditional imaging cytometry uses fluorescence markers to identify specific structures but is limited in throughput by the labeling process. We develop a label-free technique that alleviates the physical staining and ...
  • The complexity of verifying loop-free programs as differentially private 

    Gaboardi, Marco; Nissim, K.; Purser, D. (Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fur Informati, 2020-06-29)
    We study the problem of verifying differential privacy for loop-free programs with probabilistic choice. Programs in this class can be seen as randomized Boolean circuits, which we will use as a formal model to answer two ...
  • OpenFraming: we brought the ML; you bring the data. Interact with your data and discover its frames 

    Smith, A.; Tofu, D.A.; Jalal, M.; Halim, E.E.; Sun, Y.; Akavoor, V.; Betke, Margrit; Ishwar, P.; Guo, L.; Wijaya, D. (2020-09-17)
    When journalists cover a news story, they can cover the story from multiple angles or perspectives. A news article written about COVID-19 for example, might focus on personal preventative actions such as mask-wearing, while ...
  • A minimally invasive lens-free computational microendoscope 

    Shin, J.; Tran, D.N.; Stroud, J.R.; Chin, Sang; Tran, T.D.; Foster, M.A. (2019-12)
    Ultra-miniaturized microendoscopes are vital for numerous biomedical applications. Such minimally invasive imagers allow for navigation into hard-to-reach regions and observation of deep brain activity in freely moving ...
  • A reporting format for leaf-level gas exchange data and metadata 

    Ely, K.S.; Rogers, A.; Agarwal, D.A.; Ainsworth, E.A.; Albert, L.P.; Ali, A.; Anderson, J.; Aspinwall, M.J.; Bellasio, C.; Bernacchi, C.; Bonnage, S.; Buckley, T.N.; Bunce, J.; Burnett, A.C.; Busch, F.A.; Cavanagh, A.; Cernusak, L.A.; Crystal-Ornelas, R.; Damerow, J.; Davidson, K.J.; De Kauwe, M.G.; Dietze, Michael C.; Domingues, T.F.; Dusenge, M.E.; Ellsworth, D.S.; Evans, J.R.; Gauthier, P.P.G.; Gimenez, B.O.; Gordon, E.P.; Gough, C.M.; Halbritter, A.H.; Hanson, D.T.; Heskel, M.; Hogan, J.A.; Hupp, J.R.; Jardine, K.; Kattge, J.; Keenan, T.; Kromdijk, J.; Kumarathunge, D.P.; Lamour, J.; Leakey, A.D.B.; LeBauer, D.S.; Li, Q.; Lundgren, M.R.; McDowell, N.; Meacham-Hensold, K.; Medlyn, B.E.; Moore, D.J.P.; Negrón-Juárez, R.; Niinemets, Ü.; Osborne, C.P.; Pivovaroff, A.L.; Poorter, H.; Reed, S.C.; Ryu, Y.; Sanz-Saez, A.; Schmiege, S.C.; Serbin, S.P.; Sharkey, T.D.; Slot, M.; Smith, N.G.; Sonawane, B.V.; South, P.F.; Souza, D.C.; Stinziano, J.R.; Stuart-Haëntjens, E.; Taylor, S.H.; Tejera, M.D.; Uddling, J.; Vandvik, V.; Varadharajan, C.; Walker, A.P.; Walker, B.J.; Warren, J.M.; Way, D.A.; Wolfe, B.T.; Wu, J.; Wullschleger, S.D.; Xu, C.; Yan, Z.; Yang, D. (Elsevier BV, 2021-03)
    Leaf-level gas exchange data support the mechanistic understanding of plant fluxes of carbon and water. These fluxes inform our understanding of ecosystem function, are an important constraint on parameterization of ...

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