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  • Uterus at a price: Disability insurance and hysterectomy 

    Fan, Elliott; Lien, Hsienming; Ma, Ching-To Albert (2019-07)
    Taiwanese Labor, Government Employee, and Farmer Insurance programs provide 5 to 6 months of salary to enrollees who undergo hysterectomies or oophorectomies before their 45th birthday. These programs create incentives for ...
  • Compressed timeline of recent experience in monkey lateral prefrontal cortex 

    Tiganj, Zoran; Cromer, Jason A.; Roy, Jefferson E.; Miller, Earl K.; Howard, Marc W. (MIT PRESS, 2018-07-01)
    Cognitive theories suggest that working memory maintains not only the identity of recently presented stimuli but also a sense of the elapsed time since the stimuli were presented. Previous studies of the neural underpinnings ...
  • Is working memory stored along a logarithmic timeline? Converging evidence from neuroscience, behavior and models 

    Singh, Inder; Tiganj, Zoran; Howard, Marc W. (2018-09)
    A growing body of evidence suggests that short-term memory does not only store the identity of recently experienced stimuli, but also information about when they were presented. This representation of 'what' happened 'when' ...
  • Too educated for love? Women and the marriage market in Indonesia 

    Smith-Hefner, Nancy (CURA/LUCE Religion and World Affairs Series, 2018)
    Indonesia is among the shrinking number of Asian countries demographers identify as following a pattern of “universal marriage,” defined as a country in which fewer than 4% of women over the age of 40 have never married ...
  • Human episodic memory retrieval is accompanied by a neural contiguity effect 

    Folkerts, Sarah; Rutishauser, Ueli; Howard, Marc W. (SOC NEUROSCIENCE, 2018-04-25)
    Cognitive psychologists have long hypothesized that experiences are encoded in a temporal context that changes gradually over time. When an episodic memory is retrieved, the state of context is recovered—a jump back in ...
  • Neural scaling laws for an uncertain world 

    Howard, Marc W.; Shankar, Karthik H. (American Psychological Association, 2018)
    Autonomous neural systems must efficiently process information in a wide range of novel environments, which may have very different statistical properties. We consider the problem of how to optimally distribute receptors along ...
  • Socioeconomics and music education in a Western Pennsylvania public school: a collective case study 

    Erb, Andrew Sheehan (2019)
    Equal access to music education is a concern in public schools. Certain populations, including minority and low socioeconomic students, remain underrepresented in instrumental ensembles across America. This phenomenon has ...
  • Distributionally Robust Learning under the Wasserstein Metric 

    Chen, Ruidi (2019)
    This dissertation develops a comprehensive statistical learning framework that is robust to (distributional) perturbations in the data using Distributionally Robust Optimization (DRO) under the Wasserstein metric. The ...
  • Chinese poetry and translation considerations in the songs of Pavel Haas 

    Li, Na (2019)
    In the Western art song repertoire, very few songs are set to translations of Chinese poetry. Pavel Haas, an early twentieth-century Czech composer, wrote two sets of such works: Chinese Songs Op. 4 and Four Songs on Chinese ...
  • DEMO: integrating MPC in big data workflows 

    Volgushev, Nikolaj; Schwarzkopf, Malte; Lapets, Andrei; Varia, Mayank; Bestavros, Azer (2016)
    Secure multi-party computation (MPC) allows multiple parties to perform a joint computation without disclosing their private inputs. Many real-world joint computation use cases, however, involve data analyses on very large ...

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