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  • The gut commensal microbiome of Drosophila is modified by the endosymbiont Wolbachia 

    Simhadri, Rama; Fast, Eva; Rong, Guo; Schultz, Michaela; Vaisman, Natalie; Luis, Ortiz; Bybee, Joana; Slatko, Barton; Frydman, Horacio (American Society for Microbiology, 2017-05-13)
    Endosymbiotic Wolbachia bacteria and the gut microbiome have inde- pendently been shown to affect several aspects of insect biology, including repro- duction, development, life span, stem cell activity, and resistance to ...
  • Wolbachia wStri blocks Zika virus growth at two independent stages of viral replication 

    Schultz, M.J.; Tan, A.L.; Gray, C.N.; Isern, S.; Michael, S.F.; Frydman, Horacio M.; Connor, John H. (AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY, 2018-05-01)
    Mosquito-transmitted viruses are spread globally and present a great risk to human health. Among the many approaches investigated to limit the diseases caused by these viruses are attempts to make mosquitos resistant to ...
  • Using bioindicator species to characterize distinct mangrove habitats on Turneffe Atoll, Belize 

    Scavo Lord, Karina; Burmester, Elizabeth; Lesneski, Kathryn; McPherson, Kendall; Cheung, Beatrice; Chamberlain, Emelia; Ewa, Roseline; Fortunato, Brad; Inge, Melissa; Jacomo, Nathalie; Kunis, Caitlin; Mather, Bradley; McCarthy, Gretchen; McGinnis, Lucy; Morey, Joshua; O'Connor, Olivia; Soukup, Jennifer; Sullivan, John; Jacob, Taylor; Nicole, Velandia; Roger, Finnerty; Finnerty, John (2018-10-08)
    Mangroves are critical to the biodiversity and productivity of tropical ecosystems, and for this reason, they are part of the foundation for Belize’s Blue Economy. Despite their ecological and economic significance, mangroves ...
  • Morphological and physiological differences among alternative morphs of the queen conch (Lobatus gigas) near Calabash Caye, Belize 

    Lee, Joanna; Lesneski, Kathryn; Donnellan, Kathleen; DiRoberts, Laura; Lindseth, Adelaide; Okechi, John; Doshi, Sabrina; Minkoff, David; Branconi, Rebecca; Newmark, Elena; Tower, John; Tobin, Kelly; Stewart, Nathan; Rotjan, Randi; Disanto, Valentina; Finnerty, John (2018-11-07)
    The queen conch is one of the most valuable marine species in Belize. It also presents a special challenge to regulators, as take limits based on shell dimensions are complicated by the existence of substantial infraspecific ...
  • Fast micron-scale 3D printing with a resonant-scanning two-photon microscope 

    Pearre, Ben; Michas, Christis; Tsang, Jean-Marc; Gardner, Tim; Otchy, Timothy (2018-02-26)
    3D printing allows rapid fabrication of complex objects from digital designs. One 3D-printing process, direct laser writing, polymerises a light-sensitive material by steering a focused laser beam through the shape of the ...
  • Carbon fiber on polyimide ultra-microelectrodes 

    Otchy, Timothy; Gillis, Winthrop F.; Lissandrello, Charles A.; Shen, Jun; Pearre, Ben W.; Mertiri, Alket; Deku, Felix; Cogan, Stuart; Holinski, Bradley J.; Chew, Daniel J.; White, Alice E.; Gardner, Timothy (IOP Publishing, 2018-01-08)
    OBJECTIVE: Most preparations for making neural recordings degrade over time and eventually fail due to insertion trauma and reactive tissue response. The magnitudes of these responses are thought to be related to the ...
  • A connection between colony biomass and death in Caribbean Reef-Building Corals 

    Thornhill, Daniel J.; Rotjan, Randi D.; Todd, Brian D.; Chilcoat, Geoff C.; Iglesias-Prieto, Roberto; Kemp, Dustin W.; LaJeunesse, Todd C.; Reynolds, Jennifer McCabe; Schmidt, Gregory W.; Shannon, Thomas; Warner, Mark E.; Fitt, William K. (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2011-12-22)
    Increased sea-surface temperatures linked to warming climate threaten coral reef ecosystems globally. To better understand how corals and their endosymbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium spp.) respond to environmental ...
  • The impact of autotrophic versus heterotrophic nutritional pathways on colony health and wound recovery in corals 

    Burmester, Elizabeth M.; Breef-Pilz, Adrienne; Lawrence, Nicholas F.; Kaufman, Les; Finnerty, John R.; Rotjan, Randi D. (WILEY, 2018-11-01)
    For animals that harbor photosynthetic symbionts within their tissues, such as corals, the different relative contributions of autotrophy versus heterotrophy to organismal energetic requirements have direct impacts on ...
  • The value of closed-circuit rebreathers for biological research 

    Pyle, R. L.; Lobel, Phillip S.; Tomoleoni, J. A. (Wrigley Marine Science Center, 2016)
    Closed-circuit rebreathers have been used for underwater biological research since the late 1960s, but have only started to gain broader application within scientific diving organizations within the past two decades. ...
  • Underwater soundscape monitoring and fish bioacoustics: a review 

    Lobel, Phillip; Lindseth, Adelaide (MDPI, 2018-09-12)
    Soundscape ecology is a rapidly growing field with approximately 93% of all scientific articles on this topic having been published since 2010 (total about 610 publications since 1985). Current acoustic technology is also ...

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