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  • Canvass: a crowd-sourced, natural-product screening library for exploring biological space 

    Kearney, Sara E.; Zahoranszky-Kohalmi, Gergely; Brimacombe, Kyle R.; Henderson, Mark J.; Lynch, Caitlin; Zhao, Tongan; Wan, Kanny K.; Itkin, Zina; Dillon, Christopher; Shen, Min; Cheff, Dorian M.; Lee, Tobie D.; Bougie, Danielle; Cheng, Ken; Coussens, Nathan P.; Dorjsuren, Dorjbal; Eastman, Richard T.; Huang, Ruili; Iannotti, Michael J.; Karavadhi, Surendra; Klumpp-Thomas, Carleen; Roth, Jacob S.; Sakamuru, Srilatha; Sun, Wei; Titus, Steven A.; Yasgar, Adam; Zhang, Ya-Qin; Zhao, Jinghua; Andrade, Rodrigo B.; Brown, M Kevin; Burns, Noah Z.; Cha, Jin K.; Mevers, Emily E.; Clardy, Jon; Clement, Jason A.; Crooks, Peter A.; Cuny, Gregory D.; Ganor, Jake; Moreno, Jesus; Morrill, Lucas A.; Picazo, Elias; Susick, Robert B.; Garg, Neil K.; Goess, Brian C.; Grossman, Robert B.; Hughes, Chambers C.; Johnston, Jeffrey N.; Joullie, Madeleine M.; Kinghorn, A. Douglas; Kingston, David G. I.; Krische, Michael J.; Kwon, Ohyun; Maimone, Thomas J.; Majumdar, Susruta; Maloney, Katherine N.; Mohamed, Enas; Murphy, Brian T.; Nagorny, Pavel; Olson, David E.; Overman, Larry E.; Brown, Lauren E.; Snyder, John K.; Porco, John A.; Rivas, Fatima; Ross, Samir A.; Sarpong, Richmond; Sharma, Indrajeet; Shaw, Jared T.; Xu, Zhengren; Shen, Ben; Shi, Wei; Stephenson, Corey R. J.; Verano, Alyssa L.; Tan, Derek S.; Tang, Yi; Taylor, Richard E.; Thomson, Regan J.; Vosburg, David A.; Wu, Jimmy; Wuest, William M.; Zakarian, Armen; Zhang, Yufeng; Ren, Tianjing; Zuo, Zhong; Inglese, James; Michael, Sam; Simeonov, Anton; Zheng, Wei; Shinn, Paul; Jadhav, Ajit; Boxer, Matthew B.; Hall, Matthew D.; Xia, Menghang; Guha, Rajarshi; Rohde, Jason M. (American Chemical Society, 2018-12-26)
  • Structural basis for species-selective targeting of Hsp90 in a pathogenic fungus 

    Whitesell, Luke; Robbins, Nicole; Huang, David S.; McLellan, Catherine A.; Shekhar-Guturja, Tanvi; LeBlanc, Emmanuelle V.; Nation, Catherine S.; Hui, Raymond; Hutchinson, Ashley; Collins, Cathy; Chatterjee, Sharanya; Trilles, Richard; Xie, Jinglin L.; Krysan, Damian J.; Lindquist, Susan; Porco, John A.; Tatu, Utpal; Brown, Lauren E.; Pizarro, Juan; Cowen, Leah E. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-01-24)
  • Oxo-aglaiastatin-mediated inhibition of translation initiation 

    Maiga, Rayelle Itoua; Cencic, Regina; Chu, Jennifer; Waller, Daniel D.; Brown, Lauren E.; Devine, William G.; Zhang, Wenhan; Sebag, Michael; Porco, John A.; Pelletier, Jerry (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-02-04)
  • Asymmetric synthesis of gonytolide A: strategic use of an aryl halide blocking group for oxidative coupling 

    Wu, Xiaowei; Iwata, Takayuki; Scharf, Adam; Qin, Tian; Reichl, Kyle D.; Porco, John A. (American Chemical Society, 2018-05-09)
    The first synthesis of the chromanone lactone dimer gonytolide A has been achieved employing vanadium(V)-mediated oxidative coupling of the monomer gonytolide C. An o-bromine blocking group strategy was employed to favor ...
  • Femtosecond photonic viral inactivation probed using solid-state nanopores 

    Nazari, Mina; Li, Xiaoqing; Alibakhshi, Mohammad Amin; Yang, Haojie; Souza, Kathleen; Gillespie, Christopher; Gummuluru, Suryaram; Hong, Mi K.; Reinhard, Björn M.; Korolev, Kirill S.; Ziegler, Lawrence D.; Zhao, Qing; Wanunu, Meni; Erramilli, Shyamsunder (IOP Publishing, 2018-09-04)
    We report on detection of virus inactivation using femtosecond laser radiation by measuring the conductance of a solid state nanopore designed for detecting single particles. Conventional methods of assaying for viral ...
  • Chemical tunnel-splitting-engineering in a dysprosium-based molecular nanomagnet 

    Sorensen, Mikkel A.; Hansen, Ursula B.; Perfetti, Mauro; Pedersen, Kasper S.; Bartolome, Elena; Simeoni, Giovanna G.; Mutka, Hannu; Rols, Stephane; Jeong, Minki; Zivkovic, Ivica; Retuerto, Maria; Arauzo, Ana; Bartolome, Juan; Piligkos, Stergios; Weihe, Hogni; Doerrer, Linda H.; van Slageren, Joris; Ronnow, Henrik M.; Lefmann, Kim; Bendix, Jesper (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-03-29)
    Total control over the electronic spin relaxation in molecular nanomagnets is the ultimate goal in the design of new molecules with evermore realizable applications in spin-based devices. For single-ion lanthanide systems, ...
  • Sensitization of renal carcinoma cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by rocaglamide and analogs 

    Nalli, Ancy D.; Brown, Lauren E.; Thomas, Cheryl L.; Sayers, Thomas J.; Porco, John A.; Henrich, Curtis J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-11-30)
    Rocaglamide has been reported to sensitize several cell types to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. In recent years, advances in synthetic techniques have led to generation of novel rocaglamide analogs. However, these have not been ...
  • A photochemical flow reactor for large scale syntheses of aglain and rocaglate natural product analogues 

    Yueh, Han; Gao, Qiwen; Porco, John A.; Beeler, Aaron B. (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2017-12-01)
    Herein, we report the development of continuous flow photoreactors for large scale ESIPT-mediated [3+2]-photocycloaddition of 2-(p-methoxyphenyl)-3-hydroxyflavone and cinnamate-derived dipolarophiles. These reactors can ...
  • High-throughput screening in larval zebrafish identifies novel potent sedative-hypnotics 

    Yang, Xiaoxuan; Jounaidi, Youssef; Dai, Jennifer B.; Marte-Oquendo, Francisco; Halpin, Elizabeth S.; Brown, Lauren E.; Trilles, Richard; Xu, Wenqing; Daigle, Renee; Yu, Buwei; Schaus, Scott E.; Porco, John A.; Forman, Stuart A. (LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, 2018-09-01)
    BACKGROUND: Many general anesthetics were discovered empirically, but primary screens to find new sedative-hypnotics in drug libraries have not used animals, limiting the types of drugs discovered. The authors hypothesized ...
  • Experimental maps of DNA structure at nucleotide resolution distinguish intrinsic from protein-induced DNA deformations 

    Azad, Robert N.; Zafiropoulos, Dana; Ober, Douglas; Jiang, Yining; Chiu, Tsu-Pei; Sagendorf, Jared M.; Rohs, Remo; Tullius, Thomas D. (Oxford University Press, 2018-03-16)
    Recognition of DNA by proteins depends on DNA sequence and structure. Often unanswered is whether the structure of naked DNA persists in a protein–DNA complex, or whether protein binding changes DNA shape. While X-ray ...

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