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  • Tracing MYC expression for small molecule discovery 

    Steinberger, Jutta; Robert, Francis; Hallé, Maxime; Williams, David E.; Cencic, Regina; Sawhney, Neha; Pelletier, Dylan; Williams, Philip; Igarashi, Yasuhiro; Porco Jr., John A.; Rodriguez, Abimael D.; Kopp, Brigitte; Bachmann, Brian; Andersen, Raymond J.; Pelletier, Jerry (Cell Press, 2019-05-16)
    Our inability to effectively "drug" targets such as MYC for therapeutic purposes requires the development of new approaches. We report on the implementation of a phenotype-based assay for monitoring MYC expression in ...
  • Regiodivergent photocyclization of dearomatized acylphloroglucinols: asymmetric syntheses of (—)-nemorosone and (—)-6-epi-garcimultiflorone A 

    Wen, Saishuai; Boyce, Jonathan H.; Kandappa, Sunil K.; Sivaguru, Jayaraman; Porco, Jr., John A. (ACS Publications, 2019-07-17)
    Regiodivergent photocyclization of dearomatized acylphloroglucinol substrates has been developed to produce type A polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinol (PPAP) derivatives using an excited-state intramolecular proton ...
  • Translation inhibition by rocaglates activates a species-specific cell death program in the emerging fungal pathogen Candida auris 

    Iyer, Kali R.; Whitesell, Luke; Porco, Jr., John A.; Henkel, Thomas; Brown, Lauren E.; Robbins, Nicole; Cowen, Leah E. (American Society for Microbiology, 2020-03-10)
    Fungal infections are a major contributor to infectious disease-related deaths worldwide. Recently, global emergence of the fungal pathogen Candida auris has caused considerable concern because most C. auris isolates are ...
  • Rocaglates induce gain-of-function alterations to eIF4A and eIF4F 

    Chu, Jennifer; Zhang, Wenhan; Cencic, Regina; O'Connor, Patrick B. F.; Robert, Francis; Devine, William G.; Selznick, Asher; Henkel, Thomas; Merrick, William C.; Brown, Lauren E.; Baranov, Pavel V.; Porco, Jr., John A.; Pelletier, Jerry (Elsevier Inc., 2020-02-25)
    Rocaglates are a diverse family of biologically active molecules that have gained tremendous interest in recent years due to their promising activities in pre-clinical cancer studies. As a result, this family of compounds has ...
  • Meta-analysis and systematic review of skin graft donor-site dressings with future guidelines. 

    Serebrakian, Arman T.; Pickrell, Brent B.; Varon, David E.; Mohamadi, Amin; Grinstaff, Mark W.; Rodriguez, Edward K.; Nazarian, Ara; Halvorson, Eric G.; Sinha, Indranil (2018-09)
    Background: Many types of split-thickness skin graft (STSG) donor-site dressings are available with little consensus from the literature on the optimal dressing type. The purpose of this systematic review was to analyze ...
  • Hybrid plasmonic photoreactors as visible light-mediated bactericides 

    An, Xingda; Naowarojna, Nathchar; Liu, Pinghua; Reinhard, Björn M. (2020-01-08)
    Photocatalytic compounds and complexes, such as tris(bipyridine)ruthenium(II), [Ru(bpy)3]2+, have recently attracted attention as light-mediated bactericides that can help to address the need for new antibacterial strategies. ...
  • Sustainable polycarbonate adhesives for dry and aqueous conditions with thermoresponsive properties 

    Beharaj, Anjeza; McCaslin, Ethan Z.; Blessing, William A.; Grinstaff, Mark W. (2019-12-02)
    Pressure sensitive adhesives are ubiquitous in commodity products such as tapes, bandages, labels, packaging, and insulation. With single use plastics comprising almost half of yearly plastic production, it is essential ...
  • Triple contrast CT method enables simultaneous evaluation of articular cartilage composition and segmentation 

    Honkanen, Miitu K. M.; Saukko, Annina E. A.; Turunen, Mikael J.; Xu, Wujun; Lovric, Goran; Honkanen, Juuso T. J.; Grinstaff, Mark W.; Lehto, Vesa-Pekka; Töyräs, Juha (2020-02)
    Early degenerative changes of articular cartilage are detected using contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) with a cationic contrast agent (CA). However, cationic CA diffusion into degenerated cartilage decreases with ...
  • Transcription factor LSF-DNMT1 complex dissociation by FQI1 leads to aberrant DNA methylation and gene expression 

    Chin, Hang Gyeong; Ponnaluri, V. K. Chaithanya; Zhang, Guoqiang; Esteve, Pierre-Olivier; Schaus, Scott E.; Hansen, Ulla; Pradhan, Sriharsa (IMPACT JOURNALS LLC, 2016-12-13)
    The transcription factor LSF is highly expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and promotes oncogenesis. Factor quinolinone inhibitor 1 (FQI1), inhibits LSF DNA-binding activity and exerts anti-proliferative activity. ...
  • Transcription factor LSF facilitiates lysine methylation of α-tubulin by microtubule-associated SET8 

    Schaus, Scott; Hansen, Ulla; Chin, Hang Gyeong; Estève, Pierre Olivier; Ruse, Cristian; Lee, Jiyoung; Pradhan, Sriharsa (bioRxiv, 2019-06-10)
    Microtubules are critical for mitosis, cell motility, and protein and organelle transport, and are a validated target for anticancer drugs. However, tubulin regulation and recruitment in these cellular processes is less ...

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