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  • Interactions of multiple rhythms in a biophysical network of neurons 

    Gelastopoulos, Alexandros; Kopell, Nancy J. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-12)
    Neural oscillations, including rhythms in the beta1 band (12–20 Hz), are important in various cognitive functions. Often neural networks receive rhythmic input at frequencies different from their natural frequency, but ...
  • Validated variational inference via practical posterior error bounds 

    Huggins, Jonathan H.; Kasprzak, Mikolaj; Campbell, Trevor; Broderick, Tamara (2020)
    Variational inference has become an increasingly attractive fast alternative to Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for approximate Bayesian inference. However, a major obstacle to the widespread use of variational methods ...
  • Robust inference and model criticism using bagged posteriors 

    Huggins, Jonathan H.; Miller, Jeffrey W. (2019-12)
    Standard Bayesian inference is known to be sensitive to model misspecification, leading to unreliable uncertainty quantification and poor predictive performance. However, finding generally applicable and computationall ...
  • Robust and reproducible model selection using bagged posteriors 

    Huggins, Jonathan H.; Miller, Jeffrey W. (2020-07)
    Bayesian model selection is premised on the assumption that the data are generated from one of the postulated models, however, in many applications, all of these models are incorrect. When two or more models provide a ...
  • Bidirectional contact tracing could dramatically improve COVID-19 control 

    Bradshaw, William J.; Alley, Ethan C.; Huggins, Jonathan H.; Lloyd, Alun L.; Esvelt, Kevin M. (2021-01-11)
    Contact tracing is critical to controlling COVID-19, but most protocols only "forward-trace" to notify people who were recently exposed. Using a stochastic branching-process model, we find that "bidirectional" tracing to ...
  • Robust, accurate stochastic optimization for variational inference 

    Dhaka, Akash Kumar; Catalina, Alejandro; Andersen, Michael Riis; Magnusson, Måns; Huggins, Jonathan H.; Vehtari, Aki (2020-12)
    We consider the problem of fitting variational posterior approximations using stochastic optimization methods. The performance of these approximations depends on (1) how well the variational family matches the true ...
  • Estimating fluctuations in neural representations of uncertain environments 

    Farhoodi, Sahand; Plitt, Mark; Giocomo, Lisa; Eden, Uri (2020-12-01)
    Neural Coding analyses often reflect an assumption that neural populations respond uniquely and consistently to particular stimuli. For example, analyses of spatial remapping in hippocampal populations often assume that ...
  • Dysmature superficial white matter microstructure in developmental focal epilepsy 

    Ostrowski, Lauren M.; Song, Daniel Y.; Thorn, Emily L.; Ross, Erin E.; Stoyell, Sally M.; Chinappen, Dhinakaran M.; Eden, Uri T.; Kramer, Mark A.; Emerton, Britt C.; Morgan, Amy K.; Stufflebeam, Steven M.; Chu, Catherine J. (2019)
    Benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes is a common childhood epilepsy syndrome that predominantly affects boys, characterized by self-limited focal seizures arising from the perirolandic cortex and fine motor abnormalities. ...
  • Some examples of family Floer mirror 

    Lin, Yu-Shen; Cheung, Man-Wai
    In this article, we give explicit calculations for the family Floer mirrors of some non-compact Calabi-Yau surfaces. We compare it with the mirror construction of Gross-Hacking-Keel for suitably chosen log Calabi-Yau pairs ...
  • The SYZ mirror symmetry conjecture for del Pezzo surfaces and rational elliptic surfaces 

    Collins, Tristan; Jacob, Adam; Lin, Yu-Shen
    We prove the Strominger-Yau-Zaslow mirror symmetry conjecture for non-compact Calabi-Yau surfaces arising from, on the one hand, pairs (Ŷ, Ď) of a del Pezzo surface Ŷ and Ď a smooth anticanonical divisor and, on the ...

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