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  • On the Kottwitz conjecture for local Shimura varieties 

    Kaletha, Tasho; Weinstein, J.
    Kottwitz’s conjecture describes the contribution of a supercuspidal represention to the cohomology of a local Shimura variety in terms of the local Langlands correspondence. Using a Lefschetz-Verdier fixedpoint formula, ...
  • Lagrangian fibers in Gelfand-Cetlin systems 

    Cho, Yunhyung; Kim, Yoosik; Oh, Yong-Geun
    Motivated by the study of Nishinou-Nohara-Ueda on the Floer thoery of Gelfand-Cetlin systems over complex partial flag manifolds, we provide a complete description of the topology of Gelfand-Cetlin fibers. We prove that ...
  • Detecting non-displaceable toric fibers on compact toric manifolds via tropicalizations 

    Kim, Yoosik; Lee, Jaeho; Sanda, Fumihiko
    We provide a combinatorial way to locate non-displaceable Lagrangian toric fibers on any compact toric manifold. By taking the intersection of certain tropicalizations coming from its moment polytope, one can detect all ...
  • Monotone Lagrangians in flag varieties 

    Cho, Yunhyung; Kim, Yoosik
    In this paper, we give a formula for the Maslov index of a gradient holomorphic disc, which is a relative version of the Chern number formula of a gradient holomorphic sphere for a Hamiltonian S1-action. Using the formula, ...
  • Modeling the dynamics of glacial cycles 

    Engler, Hans; Kaper, Hans G.; Kaper, Tasso J.; Vo, Theodore
    This article is concerned with the dynamics of glacial cycles observed in the geological record of the Pleistocene Epoch. It focuses on a conceptual model proposed by Maasch and Saltzman [J. Geophys. Res.,95, D2 (1990), ...
  • Why we (usually) don't have to worry about multiple comparisons 

    Gelman, Andrew; Hill, Jennifer; Yajima, Masanao (2012)
    Applied researchers often find themselves making statistical inferences in settings that would seem to require multiple comparisons adjustments. We challenge the Type I error paradigm that underlies these corrections. ...
  • Biophysical assay for tethered signaling reactions reveals tether-controlled activity for the phosphatase SHP-1 

    Goyette, Jesse; Salas, Citlali Solis; Coker-Gordon, Nicola; Bridge, Marcus; Isaacson, Samuel A.; Allard, Jun; Dushek, Omer (2017-03)
    Tethered enzymatic reactions are ubiquitous in signaling networks but are poorly understood. A previously unreported mathematical analysis is established for tethered signaling reactions in surface plasmon resonance (SPR). ...
  • Reactive boundary conditions as limits of interaction potentials for Brownian and Langevin dynamics 

    Chapman, S. Jonathan; Erban, Radek; Isaacson, Samuel A. (SIAM PUBLICATIONS, 2016-01-01)
  • Transient rapamycin treatment can increase lifespan and healthspan in middle-aged mice 

    Bitto, Alessandro; Ito, Takashi K.; Pineda, Victor V.; LeTexier, Nicolas J.; Huang, Heather Z.; Sutlief, Elissa; Tung, Herman; Vizzini, Nicholas; Chen, Belle; Smith, Kaleb; Meza, Daniel; Yajima, Masanao; Beyer, Richard P.; Kerr, Kathleen F.; Davis, Daniel J.; Gillespie, Catherine H.; Snyder, Jessica M.; Treuting, Piper M.; Kaeberlein, Matt (2016-08-03)
    The FDA approved drug rapamycin increases lifespan in rodents and delays age-related dysfunction in rodents and humans. Nevertheless, important questions remain regarding the optimal dose, duration, and mechanisms of action ...
  • Uniform asymptotic approximation of diffusion to a small target: Generalized reaction models 

    Isaacson, Samuel A.; Mauro, Ava J.; Newby, Jay (2016-10)
    The diffusion of a reactant to a binding target plays a key role in many biological processes. The reaction radius at which the reactant and target may interact is often a small parameter relative to the diameter of the ...

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