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Physicists at Boston University look to open a window on the universe. An understanding of physics can elucidate everything from how a ball falls to the ground to what the early universe looked like, can shed light on the forces guiding the cosmos and the behavior of subatomic particles. A degree in physics provides the intellectual foundation for applications in engineering, technology, and industry, as well as in training the next generation of scientists at both the high school and university levels.


Department chair: Andrei Ruckenstein
Campus address: 590 Commonwealth Avenue
Phone: 617-353-2600
Fax: 617-353-9393

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  • Transiently enhanced interlayer tunneling in optically driven high-Tc superconductors 

    Okamoto, Jun-ichi; Hu, Wanzheng; Cavalleri, Andrea; Mathey, Ludwig (2017-10)
    Recent pump-probe experiments reported an enhancement of superconducting transport along the c axis of underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+δ (YBCO), induced by a midinfrared optical pump pulse tuned to a specific lattice vibration. To ...
  • Field-driven quantum phase transitions in S=1/2 spin chains 

    Iaizzi, Adam; Damle, Kedar; Sandvik, Anders W. (American Physical Society, 2017-05-25)
    We study the magnetization process of a 1D extended Heisenberg model, the J-Q model, as a function of an external magnetic field. In this model, J represents the traditional antiferromagnetic Heisenberg exchange and Q is ...
  • 1D valence bond solids in a magnetic field 

    Iaizzi, Adam; Sandvik, Anders W. (IOP Publishing, 2015)
    A Valence bond solid (VBS) is a nonmagnetic, long-range ordered state of a quantum spin system where local spin singlets are formed in some regular pattern. We here study the competition between VBS order and a fully ...
  • MALT90 kinematic distances to dense molecular clumps 

    Whitaker, J. Scott; Jackson, James M.; Rathborne, J.M.; Foster, J.B.; Contreras, Y.; Sanhueza, Patricio; Stephens, Ian W.; Longmore, S.N. (IOP Publishing, 2017-10-01)
    Using molecular-line data from the Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz Survey (MALT90), we have estimated kinematic distances to 1905 molecular clumps identified in the ATLASGAL 870 μm continuum survey over the longitude ...
  • Adiabatic perturbation theory and geometry of periodically-driven systems 

    Weinberg, Phillip; Bukov, Marin; D'Alessio, Luca; Polkovnikov, Anatoli; Vajna, Szabolcs; Kolodrubetz, Michael (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2017-05-12)
    We give a systematic review of the adiabatic theorem and the leading non-adiabatic corrections in periodically-driven (Floquet) systems. These corrections have a two-fold origin: (i) conventional ones originating from the ...
  • Integrable Floquet dynamics 

    Gritsev, Vladimir; Polkovnikov, Anatoli (2017)
    We discuss several classes of integrable Floquet systems, i.e. systems which do not exhibit chaotic behavior even under a time dependent perturbation. The first class is associated with finite-dimensional Lie groups and ...
  • Geometry and non-adiabatic response in quantum and classical systems 

    Kolodrubetz, Michael; Sels, Dries; Mehta, Pankaj; Polkovnikov, Anatoli (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2017-06-20)
    In these lecture notes, partly based on a course taught at the Karpacz Winter School in March 2014, we explore the close connections between non-adiabatic response of a system with respect to macroscopic parameters and the ...
  • Minimizing irreversible losses in quantum systems by local counterdiabatic driving 

    Sels, Dries; Polkovnikov, Anatoli (2017-05-16)
    Counterdiabatic driving protocols have been proposed [Demirplak M, Rice SA (2003) J Chem Phys A 107:9937-9945; Berry M (2009) J Phys A Math Theor 42:365303] as a means to make fast changes in the Hamiltonian without exciting ...
  • Gaussian ensemble for quantum integrable dynamics 

    Kim, Hyungwon; Polkovnikov, Anatoli; Yuzbashyan, Emil A. (ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE, 2017-06-01)
    We propose a Gaussian ensemble as a description of the long-time dynamics of isolated quantum integrable systems. Our approach extends the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble (GGE) by incorporating fluctuations of integrals of ...
  • Wireless actuation of micromechanical resonators 

    Mateen, Farrukh; Maedler, Carsten; Erramilli, Shyamsunder; Mohanty, Pritiraj (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2016-08-15)
    The wireless transfer of power is of fundamental and technical interest, with applications ranging from the remote operation of consumer electronics and implanted biomedical devices and sensors to the actuation of devices ...

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