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Systems neuroscientists study how the interactions of populations of neurons in brain circuits underlie behavior. This includes studying the brain systems involved in functions such as learning and memory, speech and hearing, perception and attention, decision-making, and movement. Understanding these functional interactions in different brain regions is critical to our understanding of neurological and psychiatric diseases. The broad range of systems neuroscience research at Boston University is facilitated by the Center for Systems Neuroscience, a unified community of investigators from multiple research units on our Charles River and Medical Campuses.

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  • Optogenetics and Deep Brain Stimulation Neurotechnologies 

    Kondabolu, Krishnakanth; Kowalski, Marek Mateusz; Roberts, Erik Andrew; Han, Xue (Springer International Publishing, 2015)
    Brain neural network is composed of densely packed, intricately wired neurons whose activity patterns ultimately give rise to every behavior, thought, or emotion that we experience. Over the past decade, a novel neurotechnique, ...