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Recently Added

  • Imfiraaji 

    Namangi, Aliyu (2014-08-20)
    The material contains a collection of nine Hausa Ajami poems written by Dr. Alhaji Aliyu Namangi (1894-1990), entitled Imfiraaji (in Arabic, Imfiraaji is a concept that means 'salvation'). Each poem discusses a particular ...
  • Koren Littaafi 

    Ghadafi, Moammar (2014-06-21)
    The material is a Hausa Ajami transliteration of former Libyan leader Moammar Ghadafi's The Green Book. The title in Hausa is Koren Littaafi. Ghadafi's goals for writing The Green Book were to express his political and ...
  • Littaafin Ƙasa 

    Salihu, Husaini Bukar (2014-08-28)
    The material, entitled Littaafin Ƙasa (The Book of Geomancy), was found in a Hausa Ajami handbook on geomancy by Husaini Bukar Salihu, also known by his moniker Husaibakar. The material features instruction on using elements, ...
  • Kundin Musa Mai Almajirai 

    Unknown (2014-08-23)
    The material, entitled Kundin Malam Musa Mai Almajirai (The Diary of Malam Musa Mai Almajirai), is a collection of Hausa Ajami Islamic medicine manuscripts that belongs to the family of Malam Musa Mai Almajirai (born in ...
  • Littaafin Farawa 

    The United Bible Society, Niamey, Niger Republic (2014-06-19)
    The material, entitled Littaafin Farawa, is a Hausa Ajami transliteration of the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. The original Hausa language version of the Book of Genesis (written in the Latin script) was published in ...
  • Asirai 

    Unknown (2014-08-26)
    The material, called Asirai ('Secrets' in Hausa), contains a collection of manuscripts on local Hausa traditional alternative medicine inherited by Sayyida Raliya Muhammed, the daughter of famous local diviners. Muhammed, ...