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  • A history of muscle physiology, Volume II: 1870 to 1900 

    Ullrick, William C. (2021)
    [INTRODUCTION; LAMANSKY; RADCLIFFE AND HIS IDEA OF ACTIVE RELAXATION] The first volume of this text on the history of muscle physiology (see: covered the long span of time from ...
  • A history of muscle physiology: Hippocrates to 1850 (Volume I) 

    Ullrick, William C. (2021)
    [PREFACE] The history of muscle physiology is totally inspiring. It is the enthralling drama of the human mind plunging into a dark unknown. In this book I have tried to capture the excitement that I have felt in ...
  • Whorl: 2020 

    Lee, M.S.; Ragan, Elizabeth; Wang, Judy; Do, Tri; Botana Martinez, Pilar; Ospina, Jessica; Hu, Angela; Manokaran, Krishanth; Prakash, Yash; Loo, Stephanie; Ponce, Aaron; Mayo, Kelly; Shen, Jessica; Mooncai, Ted; Dhanji, Tehzeen; Rajendran, Iniya; Beazley, Robert M.; Gerstenfeld, Louis; Dambal, Vrinda; Bernstein, Edward; Sinha, Anupallavi; Tornheim, Keith; Mitchell, Elizabeth; Hadshiew, Ina M.; Segars, Kristen; Ha, J.N.; Kan, Krystal; Nelson, Alison; Matta, Punit; Heinze-Lacey, Beverly; Rubinstein, Jack; Mihalek, Katelyn; Singh, Rishabh; Bansbach, Jack; Curry, Rachael; Villarreal-Calderon, Rodolfo; Wack, Audrey; Mogues, Tirsit; Lindell, Berit; Gao, Wencheng; Prentice, Brandon; Tummala, Swetha; Ali, Marwa; Dominguez, Isabell; Dewitz, Andreas; Baker, August; Dooley, Casey; Patel, Nishita (Creative Arts Society, Boston University School of Medicine, 2020)
  • An introduction to the African Ajami Library 

    Castro, Eleni (2020-11-17)
    Presented on the African Ajami Library (AAL) project at the 4th Annual Princeton African Humanities Colloquium, Africa and Digital Humanities on November 17, 2020. The AAL is an almost ten year partnership with international ...
  • Aceso: v. 7, no. 1 

    Armstrong, Stuart; Conway-Pearson, Liam; Samuelsen, Brian; Beazley, Robert; Ryan, Tyler; Brust, James S.; Ettien, A'Llyn; Mulkey, Nat; Carter, Erin; Barnet, Alison; Giron, Andreina (Boston University School of Medicine Historical Society, 2019)
  • Boston University Libraries 2019 Graduate Survey Instrument 

    Boston University Libraries Assessment Committee (2019-03-28)
  • Boston University Libraries 2019 Undergraduate Survey Instrument 

    Boston University Libraries Assessment Committee (2019-03-28)
  • Boston University Libraries 2019 Faculty Survey Instrument 

    Boston University Libraries Assessment Committee (2019-03-28)
  • Pathways to a Z-degree: Capitalizing on the course adoption 

    Slingluff, Lauren; Kuntz, Janine (2018-11-09)

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