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Recently Added

  • Symposium: the achievement of David Martin 

    Weller, Robert P.; Seligman, Adam B. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-04)
    This brief introduction notes some of the salient aspects of David Martin’s career and thought. It further presents and frames the following eight essays in this symposium devoted to different aspects of David Martin’s work.
  • Ethnobiology after four years of socioecological violence 

    Flachs, Andrew; Olson, Elizabeth A.; Marston, John M.; Bruno, Maria C.
  • Philanthropy and the religious life of goodness in China 

    Weller, Robert; Huang, C. Julia; Wu, Keping (Edgar Elgar, 2020)
    A history of religious philanthropic associations, given in this chapter, shows how different they are from their past equivalents under the imperial Chinese dynasties. While they are still dedicated to betterment of the ...
  • David Martin and the sociology of hope 

    Seligman, Adam B.; Weller, Robert P. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-04)
    David Martin’s work has always bridged many worlds: the sacred and the secular, the world of power politics and of religious visions, of individual and society, and of poetry and rational analysis. His trenchant and ...
  • Respecting silence: longing, rhythm, and Chinese temples in an age of bulldozers 

    Weller, Robert P. (Informa UK Limited, 2020)
    This essay distinguishes the silence that makes rhythm (and thus ritual) possible, and the silence of loss and longing. It argues that both, as they intertwine, are crucial parts of the adjustment to traumatic change. The ...
  • Environmental reconstruction and wood use at late Chalcolithic Çamlıbel Tarlası, Turkey 

    Marston, John M.; Kováčik, Peter; Schoop, Ulf-Dietrich (Elsevier BV, 2020-09)
    Çamlıbel Tarlası is a short-lived, mid 4th millennium BCE Chalcolithic archaeological site in northern central Anatolia, modern Turkey, with evidence for both intensive metallurgy and permanent occupation. Analysis of a ...
  • Best practices for digitizing a wood slide collection: The Bailey-Wetmore Wood Collection of the Harvard University Herbaria 

    von Baeyer, Madelynn; Marston, John M. (Elsevier BV, 2020-09)
    As herbaria move to digitize their collections, the question remains of how to efficiently digitize collections other than standard herbarium sheets, such as wood slide collections. Beginning in September 2018, the Harvard ...
  • What can words do? Debating a 'good' death in French palliative care 

    Arkin, Kimberly (George Washington University, Institute for Ethnographic Research, 2020)
    This article explores the ambivalent ways that care providers in a southern French hospital (the Center) thought about patient subjectivities and the power and role of language as they argued about how to orchestrate a ...
  • Reducing the primate pet trade: actions for primatologists 

    Norconk, Marilyn A.; Atsalis, Sylvia; Tully, Gregg; Santillán, Ana Maria; Waters, Siân; Knott, Cheryl D.; Ross, Stephen R.; Shanee, Sam; Stiles, Daniel (2020-01)
    This commentary emerged from a panel presentation at the International Primatological Society Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, 2018. The goal was to provide regional updates on the status of primate removal from habitat countries, ...
  • Neanderthal plant use and pyrotechnology: phytolith analysis from Roc de Marsal, France 

    Wroth, Kristen; Cabanes, Dan; Marston, John M.; Aldeias, Vera; Sandgathe, Dennis; Turq, Alain; Goldberg, Paul; Dibble, Harold L. (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2019-08)
    The plant component of Neanderthal subsistence and technology is not well documented, partially due to the preservation constraints of macrobotanical components. Phytoliths, however, are preserved even when other plant ...

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