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Recently Added

  • The Contest of Homer and Hesiod and the ambitions of Hadrian 

    Uden, James (Cambridge University Press, 2010-11-19)
    This article examines the compilation known as the Contest of Homer and Hesiod. More usually mined for the material it preserves from the sophist Alcidamas, here I advance a reading that seeks to make sense of the compi- ...
  • The Elegiac Puella as Virgin Martyr 

    Uden, James (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009)
    This paper explores the ideological currents running through Maximianus's subversive revival of the genre of Augustan love elegy in the beleaguered Rome of the mid-sixth century. The third elegy narrates an apparent childhood ...
  • Impersonating Priapus 

    Uden, James (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007)
    Whenever Catullus is sexually aggressive or brutally frank in his poetry, modern commentators will often call him "Priapic," an adjective that tends to obscure rather than elucidate the various ways in which Catullus uses ...
  • The Vanishing Gardens of Priapus 

    Uden, James (Harvard University Press, 2010)