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  • Toxic Eucharist 

    Ruck, Carl
    The eating of deity as flesh and blood is the ritual that characterizes the Christian Mass, although denominational dogma is divided between the real or substantial presence. It is supposedly a commemoration of the Last ...
  • Horace Walpole, gothic classicism, and the aesthetics of collection 

    Uden, James (2018)
    Scholars of eighteenth-century literature have long seen the development of the Gothic as a break from neoclassical aesthetics, but this article posits a more complex engagement with classical imitation at the origins ...
  • Archias the good immigrant 

    Čulík-Baird, Hannah (University of California Press, 2020-11-01)
    Cicero's Pro Archia has historically been taken as a bona fide expression of humanism. In this article, I demonstrate how this reading of the Pro Archia has allowed the political and cultural tensions in the speech to ...
  • The margins of satire: Suetonius, satura, and scholarly outsiders in ancient Rome 

    Uden, James (Project Muse, 2020)
    Scholars have long been interested in Suetonius' De Grammaticis et Rhetoribus for the evidence it preserves of the history of education and philology at Rome. This article focuses on a different aspect of the work: its ...
  • How we write plagues 

    Uden, James (JSTOR, 2020)
  • Femtheogens: women and sacred plants in the classical world 

    Ruck, Carl Anton Paul (2016)
    Typical of male reluctance to accept the role of female involvement with entheogens, one recent authority on ancient wine has cast doubt on the very existence of the otherwise well-documented ...
  • The spiritual lover in the cult of Dionysus 

    Ruck, Carl (2019-11-01)
  • Persia, haoma and the Greek mysteries 

    Ruck, Carl (CİSEATED-ASEHERT, 2019-09-01)
    In the mythological tradition, the Greeks traced tribal affiliations with the Persians through Perses, the son of the hero Perseus, and with the Medes through the sorceress Medea’s son Medos. They also traced family ties ...
  • Mushroom Sacraments in the cults of early Europe 

    Ruck, Carl Anton Paul (NeuroQuantology Journal, 2016)
    In 1957, R. Gordon Wasson, a professional banker and amateur mycologist, inadvertently launched a profound cultural change that has come to be called the Psychedelic Revolution, by publishing an account of his experience with ...

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