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  • Mispricing in the Medicare advantage risk adjustment model 

    Chen, Jing; Ellis, Randall P.; Toro, Katherine H.; Ash, Arlene S. (SAGE Publications (UK and US), 2015-05-01)
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented hierarchical condition category (HCC) models in 2004 to adjust payments to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to reflect enrollees’ expected health care costs. ...
  • Fixed effect estimation of large T panel data models 

    Fernandez-Val, Ivan; Weidner, Martin (Annual Reviews, 2018-03-28)
    This article reviews recent advances in fi xed effect estimation of panel data models for long panels, where the number of time periods is relatively large. We focus on semiparametric models with unobserved individual and ...
  • In the presence of climate change, the use of fertilizers and the effect of income on agricultural emissions 

    Celikkol Erbas, Bahar; Guven Solakoglu, Ebru
    This study looks into the factual link between nitrogen fertilizer use and the land annual mean temperature anomalies arising from climate change, incorporating the effect of income and agriculture share to understand ...
  • A test of adverse selection in the market for experienced workers 

    Lang, K.; Weinstein, R. (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2016)
    We show that in labor market models with adverse selection, otherwise observationally equivalent workers will experience less wage growth following a period in which they change jobs than following a period in which they ...
  • Ben-Porath meets Lazear: lifetime skill investment and occupation choice with multiple skills 

    Cavounidis, Costas; Lang, Kevin (2017-04)
    We develop a fairly general and tractable model of investment when workers can invest in multiple skills and different jobs put different weights on those skills. In addition to expected findings such as that younger workers ...
  • Educational homogamy and assortative mating have not increased 

    Gihleb, R.; Lang, K. (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2016)
    Some economists have argued that assortative mating between men and women has increased over the last several decades, thereby contributing to increased family income inequality. Sociologists have argued that educational ...
  • Generic machine learning inference on heterogenous treatment effects in randomized experiments 

    Chernozhukov, Victor; Demirer, Mert; Duflo, Esther; Fernández‐Val, Iván (2018-06)
    We propose strategies to estimate and make inference on key features of heterogeneous effects in randomized experiments. These key features include best linear predictors of the effects using machine learning proxies, ...
  • Generic inference on quantile and quantile effect functions for discrete outcomes 

    Chernozhukov, Victor; Fernández-Val, Iván; Melly, Blaise; Wüthrich, Kaspar (2016)
    Quantile and quantile effect functions are important tools for descriptive and inferential analysis due to their natural and intuitive interpretation. Existing inference methods for these functions do not apply to discrete ...
  • quantreg. nonpar: An R Package for performing nonparametric series quantile regression 

    Lipsitz, Michael; Belloni, Alexandre; Chernozhukov, Victor; Fernández-Val, Iván (2016)
    The R package quantreg.nonpar implements nonparametric quantile regression methods to estimate and make inference on partially linear quantile models. quantreg.nonpar obtains point estimates of the conditional quantile ...
  • Counterfactual: an R package for counterfactual analysis 

    Chen, Mingli; Chernozhukov, Victor; Fernández-Val, Iván; Melly, Blaise (The R Foundation for Statistical Computing, 2017)
    The Counterfactual package implements the estimation and inference methods of Cher nozhukov et al. (2013) for counterfactual analysis. The counterfactual distributions considered are the result of changing either the ...

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