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  • Uterus at a price: Disability insurance and hysterectomy 

    Fan, Elliott; Lien, Hsienming; Ma, Ching-To Albert (2019-07)
    Taiwanese Labor, Government Employee, and Farmer Insurance programs provide 5 to 6 months of salary to enrollees who undergo hysterectomies or oophorectomies before their 45th birthday. These programs create incentives for ...
  • Forward and spot exchange rates in a multi-currency world 

    Hassan, Tarek A.; Mano, Rui C. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2019-02-01)
    Separate literatures study violations of uncovered interest parity using regression-based and portfolio-based methods. We propose a decomposition of these violations into a cross-currency, a between-time-and-currency, and ...
  • Data-driven regulation: theory and application to missing bids 

    Ortner, Juan; Chassang, Sylvain; Kawai, Kei; Nakabayashi, Jun (2019-03)
    We document a novel bidding pattern observed in procurement auctions from Japan: winning bids tend to be isolated. There is a missing mass of close losing bids. This pattern is suspicious in the following sense: it is ...
  • Pooling and tranching under belief disagreement 

    Ortner, Juan; Schmalz, Martin C. (Wiley, 2019-04-06)
    We study optimal security design when issuer and market participants disagree about the characteristics of the underlying asset. We show that pooling and tranching assets can be preferable to selling optimal securities ...
  • The power of the street: evidence from Egypt's Arab Spring 

    Acemoglu, Daron; Hassan, Tarek A.; Tahoun, Ahmed (Oxford Academic, 2018-01)
    Unprecedented street protests brought down Mubarak’s government and ushered in an era of competition between three rival political groups in Egypt. Using daily variation in the number of protesters, we document that more ...
  • Collusion in auctions with constrained bids: Theory and evidence from public procurement 

    Chassang, Sylvain; Ortner, Juan (University of Chicago Press, 2019)
    We study the mechanics of cartel enforcement and its interaction with bidding constraints in the context of repeated procurement auctions. Under collusion, bidding constraints weaken cartels by limiting the scope of ...
  • The identity of Prakāśāditya 

    Tandon, Pankaj (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2015-10)
    One of the enduring open questions in ancient Indian history is the identity of the king who identifies himself on the reverse of his gold coins as prakāśāditya. Most authors have assumed that he was a Gupta king. This ...
  • Regional and racial inequality in infectious disease mortality in U.S. cities, 1900-1948 

    Feigenbaum, James J.; Muller, Christopher; Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth (Springer Verlag, 2019-06-13)
    In the first half of the twentieth century, the rate of death from infectious disease in the United States fell precipitously. Although this decline is well-known and well-documented, there is surprisingly little evidence ...
  • Incentives for motivated experts in a partnership 

    Liu, Ting; Ma, Ching-to Albert; Mak, Henry Y. (Elsevier BV, 2018-08)
    A Principal has a set of projects, each having different benefit potentials, and each requiring a basic technology from one of two experts and time inputs from both experts. Experts enjoy motivation utilities from production, ...
  • What are the consequences of global banking for the international transmission of shocks? A quantitative analysis 

    Fillat, Jose L.; Garetto, Stefania; Smith, Arthur V. (2018-10-01)
    The global financial crisis of 2008 was followed by a wave of regulatory reforms that affected large banks, especially those with a global presence. These reforms were reactive to the crisis. In this paper we propose a ...

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