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  • Inference on conditional quantile processes in partially linear models with applications to the impact of unemployment benefits 

    Qu, Zhongjun; Yoon, Jungmo; Perron, Pierre (2021)
    We propose methods to estimate and conduct inference on conditional quantile processes for models with nonparametric and linear components. The estimation procedure uses local linear or quadratic regressions, with the ...
  • Macro-financial volatility under dispersed information 

    Miao, Jianjun (2021-01)
    We provide a production-based asset pricing model with dispersed information and small deviations from full rational expectations. In the model, aggregate output and equity prices depend on the higher-order beliefs about ...
  • New low price! An analysis of IKEA pricing 

    Baxter, Marianne (2020-06)
    IKEA is a multinational retailer of home furnishings. The dominant feature of IKEA advertising and market image is a reputation for low prices. IKEA's iconic catalog is the company's primary advertising device, representing ...
  • Detecting household production 

    Baxter, Marianne (2009-11)
    The economics of household choice has occupied an important position in both microeconomics and macroeconomics since Becker’s (1965) pioneering work. Yet our empirical understanding of the household sector is hampered ...
  • IKEA: product, pricing, and pass-through 

    Baxter, Marianne; Landry, Anthony (Elsevier, 2017-09-01)
    With over 300 stores in 40 countries, IKEA is a major international presence in retail housewares and furnishings. IKEA publishes country-specific catalogs with local-currency prices guaranteed to hold for 1 year. This ...
  • Did the 2017 tax reform discriminate against blue state voters? 

    Altig, David; Auerbach, Alan; Higgins, Patrick; Koehler, Darryl; Kotlikoff, Laurence; Terry, Ellyn; Ye, Victor; Leisca, Michael
    The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) made significant changes to corporate and personal federal income taxation, including limiting the SALT (state and local property, income and sales taxes) deductibility to $10,000. ...
  • The fiscal gap: an estimate for Russia 

    Goryunov, Evgeny; Kotlikoff, Lawrence; Sinelnikov-Murylev, Sergey (NP Voprosy Ekonomiki, 2015-09)
    The fiscal gap is an indicator of the long-term balance of public finance and is calculated based on the intertemporal government budget constraint, which links government tax revenues and expenditures over long intervals. ...
  • Simulating Russia’s and other large economies’ challenging and interconnected transitions 

    Benzell, Seth; Goryunov, Eugene; Kazakova, Maria; Lagarda, Guillermo; Nesterova, Kristina; Kotlikoff, Laurence (2016-03-11)
    This paper develops a large-scale, dynamic life-cycle model to simulate Russia’s demographic and fiscal transition under favorable and unfavorable fossil-fuel price regimes. The model includes Russia, the U.S., China, ...
  • Is Uncle Sam inducing the elderly to retire? 

    Kotlikoff, L. (MIT Press, 2017)
    Many, if not most, Baby Boomers appear at risk of suffering a major decline in their living standard in retirement. With federal and state government finances far too encumbered to significantly raise Social Security, ...

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