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Boston University’s Department of World Languages & Literatures (formerly Modern Languages and Comparative Literatures) is an intellectually vibrant and collegial community of scholars engaged in teaching and research about literature, film, and media culture in more than a dozen languages. Some of languages studied include Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Turkish.


Department chair: Keith Vincent
Campus address: 745 Commonwealth Avenue
Phone: (617) 358-5032

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Recently Added

  • On the Chinese character 吃 (eat) 

    Huang, Weijia; Hsueh, Aaron (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-07-01)
  • On the Chinese character 卫 (guard) 

    Huang, Weijia; Hsueh, Aaron; Sun, Jiahui (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-05-01)
  • On the Chinese character 品 (varieties) 

    Huang, Weijia; Tan, Yunfei (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-03-01)
  • Assessment of text level using deep learning methods 

    Henstock, Mariko; Winchell, Jeff; Henstock, Peter (2019-05-05)
    Reading authentic materials is important for not only language instruction but for empowering language students to pursue their interests. However, given the difficulty in learning the Japanese language, identifying materials ...
  • Presentations at the novice level: connecting presentation skills and content 

    Henstock, Mariko; Yamanaka, Emi (2020-03-19)
    言語教育の中では、初級から上級に至るまでスピーチや研究発表等の口頭発表が言語能力やスキルの向上を目的として取り入れられている。コミュニケーションにはinterpretive, interpersonal, presentationalのモードがあるが、初級段階では文法や語彙を重視した旅行や家族等の日常生活についての話題が多く (和泉元他2005)、 presentational モードについては中級以降の研究発表等で指導が行われる場合が ...
  • Theories of lyric [Introductory essay] 

    Waters, William; Hillebrandt, Claudia; Klimek, Sonja; Müller, Ralph; Zymner, Rüdiger (De Gruyter, 2017-03)
  • On the Chinese character 养 (Foster) 

    Huang, Weijia; Tan, Yunfei (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2019-09-01)
  • Dostoevskii on evil as safe haven and anesthetic 

    Corrigan, Yuri (AATSEEL of the U.S., Inc., 2019)
    This article enlists Dostoevskii in reconsidering the conceptual barrier often placed between traditional and postmodern forms of evil: between the paradigms of Lucifer (evil as transgressive and malevolent) and Eichmann ...
  • Change and continuity in the urban semiosphere of post-Soviet Kharkiv 

    Malykhina, Svitlana
    The paper studies change and continuity in the urban semiosphere of Kharkiv in the post-Maidan period, focusing on themes such as the interplay of languages, street art, toponyms, and the significance of political, ...
  • On the Chinese character 滑 (smooth) 

    Huang, Weijia; Tan, Yunfei (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-01-01)

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