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  • Melting the ICE: lessons from China and the West in the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles 

    Fox-Penner, Peter; Hao, Jie (Roger); Hatch, Jennifer; Helveston, John P.; Jermain, David O.; Pereira, Guillermo Ivan; Ren, Z. Justin; Sandalow, David B.; Wang, Peishan (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2019-06-10)
    A decade after the launch of the contemporary global electric vehicle (EV) market, most cities face a major challenge preparing for rising EV demand. Some cities, and the leaders who shape them, are meeting and even leading ...
  • Shurut as-Salat (Requirements for Salat Ritual) 

    Abubakar, Malam Koloma
    This manuscript is an unbound copy of Shurut as-Salat in Arabic, with the Kanuri Ajami translation. This book, as the title suggests, is solely about the most important ritual in Islam—Salat. Written from the Maliki School ...
  • Aqidah al-Auwam (Creed of the Commons) 

    Umar, Alhaji Ibrahim (2012)
    This is a small ten-page manuscript of both the Arabic and Kanuri Ajami translation of a work entitled, “Aqidah al-Auwam”, written in a poem style. It is a typical classic Islamic jurisprudence instructional document, ...
  • Matnu al-Qurtaby fi al-Ibadah (Imam Qurtaby’s Islamic Rituals) 

    Goni, Abubakar Umar
    This manuscript is a collection of Imam Qurtaby’s poems on Islamic rituals. The manuscript contains both the original Arabic version and the translated version in Kanuri Ajami. There are catchwords that represent the Arabic ...
  • Bushra’u (Panegyric poems of the Prophet) 

    Ibn Fodio, As-Shaykh Usman; Bello, Sultan Muhammad; Ibn Fodio, Abdullahi
    This manuscript is a book of panegyric poems about Prophet Muhammad. It is called "Bushra’u"—Meaning good news or omen. It is a large collection of praises for the noble Prophet. Bushra’u, as the title suggests, describes ...
  • Mukhtasar al-Akhdary (An abbreviation of Imam al-Akhdary) 

    Abubakar, Mahir; al-Akhdary, Abd-al-Rahman
    This manuscript is written in Arabic text along with the Kanuri Ajami translation of a book originally written by Abd-al-Rahman al-Akhdary. It is a well known text on Islamic Jurisprudence that pupils of madrasa and tsangaya ...
  • Saffondi-Nayi An-Nawawy (The collection of Al-Nawawi's Forty-Four Hadiths) 

    Tijjani Adib, Muhammad Ahmed; Al-Nawawi
    This manuscript is a Fulfulde Ajami translation of Imam al-Nawawi’s fourty-four hadiths. This hadith collection is perhaps the most popular hadith collection in Northern Nigeria. Especially with pupils of madrasa who are ...
  • Kitaji Dina Ujenbera (A book of a Thousand Verdicts in Islam) 

    Umaru, Hamidu
    This manuscript is an Islamic jurisprudence work that contains vast injunctions on various aspects of rituals. It is original in the sense that it was not a translation of another person’s work but the author’s. "A book ...
  • Datal Koldinigal (The Pillars of Religion) 

    Ahmadu, Shehu; Tijani, Ahmad Adib
    This manuscript is an original work on Islamic ritual practices written in Fulfulde Ajami. Although not a very large book, it is rich with much information addressing many topics including what the faith of Islam is, salat, ...
  • Tafsiru Juz’u Amma (Translation of the 30th part of the Qur’an) 

    This manuscript is a complete originally bound copy of the Fulfulde Ajami version of the tafsir (translational meaning of the Qur’an)—Juz’u Amma, which is the last part of the complete Qur’an. This sub-unit is called "The ...

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