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Chartered in 1988, ISCIP focuses on transitional societies in crisis, especially Russia and other post-Soviet states, paying particular attention to destabilizing factors of a political, ethnic, and/or international nature. The members of the ISCIP research team contribute biweekly surveys of the developments in their regions which are posted in The ISCIP Analyst. ISCIP publishes the quarterly journal Perspective, which offers analyses of current events in Russia and the former Soviet states. The articles authored by experts –primarily from Russia's academic community, government and the mass media, as well as US analysts– are geared to a wide scholarly audience. Contact us to start receiving Perspective and The ISCIP Analyst. Other products include Behind the Breaking News, an occasional publication of timely analysis, the Publication Series and major Books reflecting the work of the research team and the findings of conferences. Among its activities,the Institute's faculty-graduate student research team is engaged in an ongoing Database project concerning political and security developments in the post-Soviet space. The database features analyses of these developments and contains a plethora of selected materials covering such topics as: the (former) party, state, and security apparatus; the tension between Russia and the "near abroad"; and the style and content of Russian international policies. The Institute studies the implications of these factors for US policy. Its activities include major events, such as conferences, Lecture Series, roundtable discussions, and simulation exercises.

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