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Welcome to the Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments repository at OpenBU. We hope that this collection will enable organic chemistry educators to share with other universities valuable experiments performed in the undergraduate teaching laboratory. All lab procedures are available to download and modify, and we encourage the submission of new experiments to the database.

To search the collection:
Under the "Browse This Collection" menu on the right-hand side of your screen, you may view the available experiments by author name, title, and subject. Select the desired experiment to view the files available for download. Click "View/Open" to download files. On a PC, you may need to right-click.

To register for an account for uploading priviliges:
Under the "Deposit Materials" menu on the right-hand side of your screen, click "Non-BU registration" and follow the instructions to create your new profile. After approval, use the instructions outlined below to upload a new experiment.

To submit your own experiment:
Under the "Deposit Materials" menu on the right-hand side of your screen, click "Submissions" to start your own submission. Follow the instructions for uploading your materials to the "Organic Chemistry Labs" collection. Be sure to provide the name of the author(s), title, and a brief abstract of your experiment. We ask that you submit your files in word-processing format so that your materials may be modified as others see fit.

Thank you for choosing Organic Chemistry Labs at OpenBU! For more information, contact Seann Mulcahy at

Recently Added

  • Wittig Reaction 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2012-01-03)
    A simple preparation of a conjugated diene via the olefination reaction between cinnamaldehyde and triphenylphosphonium chloride under basic conditions. Students are reintroduced to dry glassware techniques, recrystallization, ...
  • Claisen-Schmidt (Aldol) reaction 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2012-01-03)
    A short aldol condensation reaction that produces differentially-substituted dibenzylideneketones whose UV-Vis spectra can be determined. This experiment allows students to construct structure-activity relationships in the ...
  • The asymmetric aldol reaction 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2012-01-03)
    A convenient multi-week experiment that results in the formation of two new stereocenters starting from enantiopure norephedrine as the chiral auxiliary. This experiment uses a variety of purification techniques, including ...
  • Suzuki Cross Coupling 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2012-01-03)
    An easy preparation of differentially-substituted biaryls is reported by palladium-catalyzed cross coupling. The Suzuki cross coupling reaction is both fast and substituent-independent. Column chromatography is performed ...
  • Fisher Esterification: Synthesis of Volatile Esters 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2012-01-03)
    A microwave-accelerated synthesis of volatile aromatic esters is described in this convenient Fisher esterification reaction. Students perform a liquid-liquid extraction to isolate crude product which they purify by ...
  • Forensic analysis of analgesics by TLC 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2011-10-15)
    An introductory laboratory on the identification of analgesics in an unknown sample. Ideal for the first week of an organic chemistry sequence to get students familiar with their surroundings. Students extract, isolate, ...
  • Grignard Reaction - Synthesis of Substituted Benzoic Acids 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2011-10-11)
    A convenient preparation of substituted benzoic acids from Grignard additions to solid carbon dioxide. Students create a library of carboxylic acids by using differentially substituted, commercially available aryl bromides, ...
  • Borohydride Reduction of Fluorenone 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2011-10-11)
    A simple experiment to demonstrate nucleophilic addition to a carbonyl. Sodium borohydride-mediated reduction of fluorenone is a fast and high-yielding reaction that is suitable for beginning students. Students isolate ...
  • Kinetic Analysis of Ester Hydrolysis 

    Mulcahy, Seann P. (2011-07-14)
    A two-week multi-step experiment that introduces students to mechanistic organic chemistry and substituent effects. A simple preparation of differentially substituted para-nitrophenyl benzoates is followed by ester hydrolysis ...
  • Extraction of Caffeine from Energy Drinks 

    Mulcahy, Seann P.; Bishop, Joshua (2011-07-14)
    A simple procedure for the isolation of caffeine from energy drinks by solid phase extraction on a C18 cartridge. Quantitative analysis of the amount of caffeine by LC/MS is determined by referencing a standard curve.

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