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The Office of the Provost supports BU’s intellectual efforts in concert with the deans of the 17 schools and colleges that span the Charles River and Medical Campuses. It provides resources and leadership for the innovative programs, award-winning faculty, and pioneering students that make BU a community unlike any other.

The BU Research Office is dedicated to advancing research, scholarship, and creative activity across the institution. Find out more at the BU Research website.

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  • Urban parks and the public realm: equity & access in post-COVID cities 

    Lusk, Katharine; Einstein, Katherine; Glick, David; Palmer, Maxwell; Park, Songhyun; Fox, Stacy (Boston University Initiative on Cities, 2021-03-31)
  • 2020 Menino Survey of Mayors: policing and protests 

    Glick, David; Einstein, Katherine; Palmer, Maxwell (Boston University Initiative on Cities, 2021-01-27)
    The 2020 Menino Survey of Mayors represents the seventh nationally representative survey of American mayors and is based on interviews with 130 sitting mayors from 38 states. The 2020 Survey explores mayoral views on ...
  • 2020 Menino Survey of Mayors: COVID-19 recovery and the future of cities 

    Glick, David; Einstein, Katherine Levine; Palmer, Maxwell; Fox, Stacy (Boston University Initiative on Cities, 2020-12-03)
    The 2020 Menino Survey of Mayors details insights and perspectives shared by a representative sample of 130 mayors leading U.S. cities with populations of more than 75,000 residents. This year’s Survey explores mayoral ...
  • The 23rd Annual Boston University Undergraduate Research (UROP) Abstracts, Summer 2020 

    The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Boston University (The Boston University Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), 2020)
    This UROP Symposium booklet includes all abstracts from students funded in summer 2020. Cover design by Gayatri Sundar Rajan. Booklet compiled by Diána Hughes
  • COVID-19 housing policy 

    Einstein, Katherine; Palmer, Maxwell; Fox, Stacy; Bernadino, Marina; Fischer, Noah; Moore-Otto, Jackson; O'Brien, Aislinn; Rutecki, Marilyn; Wuesthoff, Benjamin (2020-10-13)
    Federal government response to housing challenges created by COVID-19 has been limited, leaving state and local governments to create a patchwork of solutions. State and local governments have been forced to provide eviction ...
  • Counting the city: mayoral views on the 2020 Census 

    Palmer, Maxwell; Einstein, Katherine Levine; Glick, David (2020-09-22)
    As the 2020 Census concludes at the end of September, a large majority of the mayors of America’s major cities are extremely concerned that their cities’ populations will be undercounted. According to Boston University’s ...
  • 2018-2019 Fact Sheet 

    Boston University (Boston University, 2019)
  • 2019-2020 Fact Sheet 

    Boston University (Boston University, 2020)
  • Mayors and social inequalities 

    Christodoulaki, Ioanna
    Social mobility has long been an ideal cherished in the United States even if not always achieved in practice. Contemporary studies suggest social mobility is lower in the US than in a significant number of other countries. ...
  • Mayoral views on housing production: do planning goals match reality? 

    Einstein, Katherine Levine; Palmer, Maxwell (Boston University Initiative on Cities, 2019-12)
    Mayoral Views on Housing Production: Do Planning Goals Match Reality? evaluates mayoral priorities relative to actual need. Based on our analysis, even the most ambitious mayors are not prioritizing sufficient development ...

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