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  • B Cell Activation in Insulin Resistance and Obesity 

    Mehta, Ankeeta; Liang, YanMei; Zhang, Jeanette; Gokce, Noyan; Apovian, Caroline; McDonnell, Marie; Ganley-Leal, Lisa (2011-07-21)
    Our group has demonstrated that inflammatory diseases such as type 2 diabetes (DM), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and periodontal disease (PD) are associated with altered B cell function that may contribute to disease ...
  • Long-Range Fiber Transmission of Optical Vortices 

    Bozinovic, Nenad; Kristensen, Poul; Ramachandran, Siddharth (2011-07-21)
    We use specialty fiber (“vortex fiber”), to create and propagate orbital angular momentum states over ~kilometer lengths in telecom band (~1550nm). The spiral phase structure of the vortex beams was confirmed by interference ...
  • Factorization in the Cloud: Integer Factorization Using F# and Windows Azure 

    Shaffer, Ryan (2011-07-21)
    Implementations are presented of two common algorithms for integer factorization, Pollard’s “p – 1” method and the SQUFOF method. The algorithms are implemented in the F# language, a functional programming language developed ...
  • Asynchronous Auction for Distributed Nonlinear Resource Allocation Problem 

    Bangla, Ajay; Castañón, David (2011-07-21)
    Resource Allocation Problems (RAPs) are concerned with the optimal allocation of resources to tasks. Problems in fields such as search theory, statistics, finance, economics, logistics, sensor & wireless networks fit this ...
  • Pricing Algorithms For a Two-sided Internet Advertisement Market 

    Akinwumi, Joseph; Byers, John; Terzi, Evimaria (2011-07-21)
    The Google AdSense Program is a successful internet advertisement program where Google places contextual adverts on third-party websites and shares the resulting revenue with each publisher. Advertisers have budgets and ...
  • Large Decrease of Fluctuations for Supercooled Water in Hydrophobic Nanoconfinement 

    Strekalova, Elena; Mazza, Marco; Stanley, H. Eugene; Franzese, Giancarlo (2011-07-21)
    Using Monte Carlo simulations we study a coarse­grained model of a water layer confined in a fixed disordered matrix of hydrophobic nanoparticles at different particle concentrations c. For c = 0 we find a 1st order ...
  • X-ray Diffraction Tomographic Imaging and Reconstruction 

    Chen, Ke; Castañón, David (2011-07-21)
    Material discrimination based on conventional or dual energy X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging can be ambiguous. X-ray diffraction imaging (XDI) can be used to construct diffraction profiles of objects, providing new ...
  • Priority-Based Synchronization of Distributed Data 

    Jin, Jiaxi; Trachtenberg, Ari; Starobinski, David (2011-07-21)
    We consider the general problem of synchronizing the data on two devices using a minimum amount of communication, a core infrastructural requirement for a large variety of distributed systems. Our approach considers the ...
  • Assessing the Oral Health Needs of Public Housing Residents 

    Garibyan, Ilya; Henshaw, Michelle; Ghulam, Ayesha (2011-07-21)
    Objectives: “Tooth Smart Healthy Start” is a randomized clinical trial which aims to reduce the incidence of early childhood caries (ECC) in Boston public housing residents as part of the NIH funded Northeast Center for ...
  • Camera Canvas: Image Editing Software for People with Disabilities 

    Kwan, Christopher; Betke, Margrit (2011-07-21)
    We developed Camera Canvas, photo editing and picture drawing software for individuals who cannot use their hands to operate a computer mouse. Camera Canvas is designed for use with camera- based mouse-replacement interfaces ...

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