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Founded in 1900, Bostonia magazine is published three times a year in print and is updated daily online. This collection is the archive of the publication from its inception to 2009. These files represent the digitized holdings of a single library, and not all volumes are present or complete, but we hope to eventually fill in the missing volumes and issues for a complete collection online. Current and recent issues of the magazine can be found on its website.

Bostonia has gone through several variations in title and adjustments to volume differentiation during its history.

Bostonia -- v1-29 ; 1900-1929.
Boston University Alumni Magazine -- v1-v3, n4 ; 1927-1929.
Bostonia: The Boston University Alumni Magazine or Bostonia: Boston University Alumni Magazine -- v3, n5-v52 (1929-1978).
Bostonia Insight -- v53, 1979
Bostonia Magazine -- v54-60, n2 ; 1980-1986.
Bostonia -- v60, n3-v64, 1986-1991.
Bostonia -- volumes not numbered, differentiated by calendar year: 1992-present.

For ease of access, we have combined all these variants into a single Bostonia collection.

Please note that volumes 1-29 (1900-1929) have been designated as “Bostonia, first series.” Issues of Boston University Alumni Magazine have been listed under that title. Bostonia: The Boston University Alumni Magazine and Bostonia: Boston University Alumni Magazine will be grouped together with Bostonia Insight and Bostonia Magazine under the general title of Bostonia (second/current series, although “second series” is not stated), which will encompass volume 3, number 4 (1929) through the unnumbered volume published in 2009 and any future volumes added to the collection.

The full citation for each variant of the title may be found in the individual record for each volume.

Recently Added

  • Bostonia: 2005-2006, no. 1-4 

    Stoddard, Tim; Fitzgerald, Brian; Keith, Jean Hennelly; Ullian, Jessica; Cutler, Ellen; McNeil, Taylor; Brick, Tricia; Cunningham, Kelly; McCracken, Natalie Jacobson; Buccini, Cynthia K.; Waltz, Vicky (Boston University, 2005)
  • Bostonia: 2003-2004, no. 1-4 

    Stomberg, John; McNeil, Taylor; Cottle, Thomas J.; Fitzgerald, Brian; Hiestand, Emily; Keith, Jean Hennelly; Purcell, Rosamond; Caldwell, Christopher; Shapiro, Alan; Sullivan, George; Stoddard, Tim; Brown, Jenny; Raymond, Midge; Earls, Alan; McHenry, Eric; Carleton, Kevin; Keylor, William; Staffeld, Ann; Terzian, Philip; Talisman, Mark; Kirsch, Adam; Buccini, Cynthia K.; Craig, David J.; Shavelson, Michael B.; D'Evelyn, Tom; Fitzgerald, Brian; Dykes, Steve (Boston University, 2003)
  • Bostonia: 2004-2005, no. 1-4 

    Buccini, Cynthia K.; Fitzgerald, Brian; McNeil, Taylor; Raymond, Midge; Brick, Tricia; Craig, David J.; McHenry, Eric; Keith, Jean Hennelly; Haberman, Bonna Devora; D'Evelyn, Tom; Stoddard, Tim; Shavelson, Michael B.; Kennedy, Dan (Boston University, 2004)
  • Bostonia: 2009-2010, no. 1-2 

    Waltz, Vicky; Daniloff, Caleb; Jahnke, Art; Kramer, Jennifer Blaise (Boston University, 2009)
  • Bostonia: 2006-2007, no. 1-4 

    Brick, Tricia; Buccini, Cynthia K.; Berdik, Chris; Keith, Jean Hennelly; Ullian, Jessica; Cunningham, Kelly; Waltz, Vicky; McNiel, Taylor; Kennedy, Patrick (Boston University, 2006)
  • Bostonia: 2008-2009, no. 3-4 

    Berdik, Chris; Walsh, Bari; Jahnke, Art; Daniloff, Caleb; Buccini, Cynthia K.; Koch, Katie; McCracken, Natalie Jacobson; Ullian, Jessica (Boston University, 2008)
  • Bostonia: 2002-2003, no.1-4 

    Hiestand, Emily; Keith, Jean Hennelly; Asmussen, Ryan; Green, Hope; Pollard, Rebecca; McNeil, Taylor; Reaske, Christopher; Fitzgerald, Brian; Birkerts, Sven; Tracy, James; McHenry, Eric; Campion, Peter; Stomberg, John; Raymond, Midge; McNeil, Taylor; Confessore, Nicholas; Ricks, Christopher; Kingston, Rodger; Richardson, Heather Cox; Leccese, Mark; Sullivan, George; Henderson, Jeffrey; Ra'anan, Uri; D'Evelyn, Tom; McCradken, Samuel; Shavelson, Michael B.; Craig, David J.; Sullivan, George; Stoddard, Tim; Buccini, Cynthia (Boston University, 2002)
  • Bostonia: 2001-2002, no. 1-4 

    Stomberg, John; Confessore, Nicolas; Raymond, Midge; Keith, Jean Hennelly; Falla, Jack; Zabarsky, Kalman; McHenry, Eric; Doucette, Vernon; Pollard, Rebecca; Halbrooks, John; Walsh, Bari; Lubin, Peter; Asmussen, Ryan; Lamb, Marguerite; McCracken, Natalie Jacobson; McNeil, Taylor; Buccini, Cynthia; Tracy, James; Rand, Peter; Duff, Valerie; Barber, David; Fitzgerald, Brian; Hiestand, Emily; Tauber, Alfred; Hearon, Todd; Shavelson, Michael B. (Boston University, 2001)
  • Bostonia: 2007-2008, no. 1-4 

    Berdik, Chris; Doucette, Vernon; Buccini, Cynthia K.; McNeil, Taylor; McCracken, Natalie Jacobson; Milano, Brett; Ullian, Jessica; Brick, Tricia; Waltz, Vicky (Boston University, 2007)
  • Bostonia: 2000-2001, no. 1-4 

    Hickey, Jerrold; Shavelson, Michael B.; Falla, Jack; Walsh, Bari; Leccese, Mark; Kaith, Jean Hennelly; McNeil, Taylor; Murray-Brown, Jeremy; McHenry, Eric; Duff, Valerie; Wiesel, Elie; Clemens, Walter C.; Rivers, Caryl; Rivard, David; Morgan, Dodge; Craig, David J.; Doucette, Vernon; Atlas, James; Raymond, Midge; Gilbert, Celia; Burke, Jennifer Gormanous; Oliphant, Thomas; D'Evelyn, Tom; McCracken, Natalie Jacobson; Silver, John; Pinsky, Robert; Zabarsky, Kalman (Boston University, 2000)

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