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  • Postnatal development and maturation of layer 1 in the lateral prefrontal cortex and its disruption in autism 

    Trutzer, Iris Margalit; Garcia-Cabezas, Miguel Angel; Zikopoulos, Basilis (BMC, 2019-03-13)
    Autism is a neurodevelopmental connectivity disorder characterized by cortical network disorganization and imbalance in excitation/inhibition. However, little is known about the development of autism pathology and the ...
  • A game-theoretic analysis of shared/buy-in computing systems 

    Shi, Zhenpeng; Bestavros, Azer; Orda, Ariel; Starobinski, David (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020)
    High performance computing clusters are increasingly operating under a shared/buy-in paradigm. Under this paradigm, users choose between two tiers of services: shared services and buy-in services. Shared services provide ...
  • Evolution, development, and organization of the cortical connectome 

    García-Cabezas, Miguel Ángel; Zikopoulos, Basilis (2019-05)
    Hypotheses and theoretical frameworks are needed to organize and interpret the wealth of data on the organization of cortical networks in humans and animals in the light of development, evolution, and selective vulnerability ...
  • Altered neural connectivity in excitatory and inhibitory cortical circuits in autism 

    Zikopoulos, Basilis; Barbas, Helen (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA, 2013-09-27)
    Converging evidence from diverse studies suggests that atypical brain connectivity in autism affects in distinct ways short- and long-range cortical pathways, disrupting neural communication and the balance of excitation ...
  • Parallel driving and modulatory pathways link the prefrontal cortex and thalamus 

    Zikopoulos, Basilis; Barbas, Helen (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2007-09-05)
    Pathways linking the thalamus and cortex mediate our daily shifts from states of attention to quiet rest, or sleep, yet little is known about their architecture in high-order neural systems associated with cognition, emotion ...
  • Organization of primate amygdalar-thalamic pathways for emotions 

    Timbie, Clare; García-Cabezas, Miguel Á.; Zikopoulos, Basilis; Barbas, Helen (2020-02)
    Studies on the thalamus have mostly focused on sensory relay nuclei, but the organization of pathways associated with emotions is not well understood. We addressed this issue by testing the hypothesis that the primate ...
  • Effort and wages: evidence from the payroll tax 

    Lang, Kevin (Wiley, 2020-02-17)
    I show that under a canonical efficiency wage model, a per capita employment tax levied on the employer raises the wage. In contrast, under market-clearing, wages fall regardless of whether effort is contractible. I examine ...
  • Multivariate rational inattention 

    Miao, Jianjun; Wu, Jieran; Young, Eric (2018-12-01)
    We study optimal control problems in the multivariate linear-quadratic-Gaussian framework under rational inattention and show that the multivariate attention allocation problem can be reduced to a dynamic tracking problem ...
  • Wittgenstein on ethics: working through Lebensformen 

    Floyd, Juliet (SAGE Publications, 2020-01-21)
    In his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Wittgenstein conveyed the idea that ethics cannot be located in an object or self-standing subject matter of propositional discourse, true or false. At the same time, he took his work ...
  • Neuroflight: next generation flight control firmware 

    Koch, William; Mancuso, Renato; Bestavros, Azer (arXiv, 2019-01-19)
    Little innovation has been made to low-level attitude flight control used by unmanned aerial vehicles, which still predominantly uses the classical PID controller. In this work we introduce Neuroflight, the first open ...

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