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  • The ideological antecedents of the first-series renminbi worker-and-peasant banknote, or what Mao Tse-tung may have owed to Dziga Vertov 

    Schwartz, Peter J. (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, 2014)
    This paper traces the history of an iconic Socialist Realist image—that of the worker, peasant, soldier, or leader viewed from below whilst gazing heroically into the symbolic dawn of a Socialist future—from its origins ...
  • Doing time wisely: the social and personal benefits of higher education in prison 

    Baranger, Jillian; Rousseau, Danielle; Mastrorilli, Mary Ellen; Matesanz, James (SAGE Publications, 2018-09-01)
    Much of the research about the effects of postsecondary education for incarcerated individuals has focused on men. However, given the increase in rates of women’s imprisonment over the past two decades, it is imperative ...
  • High-density microfibers as a potential optical interface to reach deep brain regions 

    Perkins, L. Nathan; Semu, Dawit; Shen, Jun; Boas, David A.; Gardner, Timothy J. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2018-12-01)
    OBJECTIVE: Optical techniques for recording and manipulating neural activity have traditionally been constrained to superficial brain regions due to light scattering. New techniques are needed to extend optical access ...
  • Concussion, microvascular injury, and early tauopathy in young athletes after impact head injury and an impact concussion mouse model 

    Tagge, Chad A.; Fisher, Andrew M.; Minaeva, Olga V.; Gaudreau-Balderrama, Amanda; Moncaster, Juliet A.; Zhang, Xiao-Lei; Wojnarowicz, Mark W.; Casey, Noel; Lu, Haiyan; Kokiko-Cochran, Olga N.; Saman, Sudad; Ericsson, Maria; Onos, Kristen D.; Veksler, Ronel; Senatorov, Vladimir V.; Kondo, Asami; Zhou, Xiao Z.; Miry, Omid; Vose, Linnea R.; Gopaul, Katisha R.; Upreti, Chirag; Nowinski, Christopher J.; Cantu, Robert C.; Alvarez, Victor E.; Hildebrandt, Audrey M.; Franz, Erich S.; Konrad, Janusz; Hamilton, James A.; Hua, Ning; Tripodis, Yorghos; Anderson, Andrew T.; Howell, Gareth R.; Kaufer, Daniela; Hall, Garth F.; Lu, Kun P.; Ransohoff, Richard M.; Cleveland, Robin O.; Kowall, Neil W; Stein, Thor D.; Lamb, Bruce T.; Huber, Bertrand R.; Moss, William C.; Friedman, Alon; Stanton, Patric K.; McKee, Ann C.; Goldstein, Lee E (OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 2018-02-01)
    The mechanisms underpinning concussion, traumatic brain injury, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and the relationships between these disorders, are poorly understood. We examined post-mortem brains from teenage athletes ...
  • Noncommutative homological mirror functor 

    Lau, Siu; Cho, Cheol-Hyun; Hong, Hansol
    We formulate a constructive theory of noncommutative Landau-Ginzburg models mirror to symplectic manifolds based on Lagrangian Floer theory. The construction comes with a natural functor from the Fukaya category to the ...
  • Confidence and self-attribution bias in an artificial stock market 

    Bertella, Mario A.; Pires, Felipe R.; Rego, Henio H.A.; Silva, Jonathas N.; Vodenska, Irena; Stanley, H. Eugene (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2017-02-23)
    Using an agent-based model we examine the dynamics of stock price fluctuations and their rates of return in an artificial financial market composed of fundamentalist and chartist agents with and without confidence. We find ...
  • Cascading failures in bi-partite graphs: model for systemic risk propagation 

    Huang, Xuqing; Vodenska, Irena; Havlin, Shlomo; Stanley, H. Eugene (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2013-02-05)
    As economic entities become increasingly interconnected, a shock in a financial network can provoke significant cascading failures throughout the system. To study the systemic risk of financial systems, we create a bi-partite ...
  • Cohesiveness in financial news and its relation to market volatility 

    Piskorec, Matija; Antulov-Fantulin, Nino; Novak, Petra Kralj; Mozetic, Igor; Grcar, Miha; Vodenska, Irena; Smuc, Tomislav (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2014-05-22)
    Motivated by recent financial crises, significant research efforts have been put into studying contagion effects and herding behaviour in financial markets. Much less has been said regarding the influence of financial news ...
  • VGAN-based image representation learning for privacy-preserving facial expression recognition 

    Chen, Jiawei; Konrad, Janusz; Ishwar, Prakash (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    Reliable facial expression recognition plays a critical role in human-machine interactions. However, most of the facial expression analysis methodologies proposed to date pay little or no attention to the protection of a ...
  • Culturally effective practice with refugees in community health centers: an exploratory study 

    Dubus, Nicole; Davis, Ashley
    The global refugee crisis requires providers of health and behavioral health services to develop culturally-effective practices that can meet the needs of the ever-changing demographics of those being ...

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