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Connections (1988-1994) was billed as "The monthly newspaper of the University Hospital," and published news of interest to the hospital and the BU Medical Center community. The monthly publication schedule was intermittently supplemented by Special Connections: one- or two-page updates containing time-sensitive news items.

In 1992 the related publication Community Connections was launched "[i]n an attempt to connect better with the South End community." Community Connections had a quarterly release schedule and was billed as “A publication of Boston University Medical Center,” with news and updates of interest to both the BUMC community and the wider South End neighborhood.

The two publications overlapped for a few years before Connections ceased publication with the merger of the BU Medical Center and Boston City Hospital into Boston Medical Center. Community Connections continued intermittent publication until 2008.
The two titles are being grouped into one collection to facilitate access and recognize the relationship between them.