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  • One task, multiple proportional reasoning strategies 

    Brakoniecki, Aaron; M. Amador, Julie; M. Glassmeyer, David (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2021-01)
    Tasks and materials that allow for different approaches can help teachers incorporate student reasoning and can promote connections across different mathematical ideas.
  • ILPs, CTE, SEL and the 4th Industrial age 

    Solberg, Vernon (2020-03-12)
    Keynote presentation to a middle school summit on career development sponsored by the Career and Technical Education Center which is a national center supporting state engagement in career development.
  • Character, civic, and social emotional learning education 

    Coleman, Hardin (LiberiaUniversitaria, 2020-06-18)
    Increasingly we are hearing calls to move beyond test scores and to enhance our focus on the education of the whole child. OECD [1] has laid out a framework for what type of education we want to have by 2030 in which they ...
  • Research practice partnerships and school improvement 

    Coleman, Hardin; Gibbons, Lynsey; Tichnor-Wagner, Ariel (LiberiaUniversitaria, 2020-06-17)
    As the recent PISA scores have indicated [1], student performance around the world has hit an asymptote. Some countries’ performance are going down and some countries failing to make any progress, but overall, there is not ...
  • Educator diversity and student accomplishment 

    Coleman, Hardin; Griffith, Katherine A.; Coleman, Aaron T.K. (LiberiaUniversitaria, 2020-06-18)
    There are many factors that contribute to a student’s academic and personal performance within the context of their PK-12 Education. Independent of atypical developmental abilities, family wealth is a significant factor ...
  • What makes a mathematics lesson interesting to students? 

    Dietiker, Leslie; Singh, Rashmi; Riling, Meghan; Nieves, Hector (2020)
    How can we design mathematical lessons that spark student interest? To answer this, we analyzed teacher-designed and enacted lessons that students described as interesting for how the content unfolded. When compared to ...
  • Characterizing coherence within enacted mathematics lessons 

    Han, Jaepil; Riling, Meghan; Nieves, Hector I.; Dietiker, Leslie; Singh, Rashmi (2020)
    Curricular coherence has been emphasized by leaders in mathematics education as it enhances deeper understanding by enabling students to see connections between mathematical ideas. Although there are different forms of ...
  • A synthesis of the sustainability of remedial reading intervention effects for struggling adolescent readers 

    Daniel, Johny; Capin, Philip; Steinle, Paul (2020-11-30)
    A majority of reading-related intervention studies aiming to remediate struggling readers' reading outcomes assess student performance immediately following the conclusion of an intervention to determine intervention ...
  • The development and evaluation of a new ASL text comprehension task 

    Rosenburg, Patrick; Lieberman, Amy M.; Caselli, Naomi; Hoffmeister, Robert
    Being able to comprehend a language entails not only mastery of its syntax, lexicon, or phonology, but also the ability to use language to construct meaning, draw inferences, and make connections to world knowledge. However, ...
  • Examining elementary teachers’ puzzles: a cross-disciplinary analysis 

    Manz, Eve; Gibbons, Lynsey; Okun, Ada; Chalmers-Curren, Jenn; O'Connor, Mary Catherine (2020-06)
    We present a cross-disciplinary analysis of the puzzles and tensions elementary teachers experience as they conduct classroom discussion. We describe two teachers’ framings and sense-making about the puzzle of how (much) ...

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