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  • BU INC's Inktober Zine 2018 

    Antoine, Johanne; Chen, Alice; Cheng, Ray; Grabner, Anja; Hu, Joyce; Lee, Phyllis; Leifert, Daniel; Ramnarine, Ajay; Santa Maria, Mason; Tou, Josie (BU Illustration Narrative Collaborative, 2019-02-26)
    This Inktober zine was produced by BU's very own Illustration Narrative Collaborative. The zine consists of over 50 pages of stunning black and white artwork from club members, novice and experienced alike.
  • BUCA Inktober Zine 2017 

    Cheng, Ray; Cohen, Niko; Grabner, Anja; Hu, Joyce; Machemer, Rebekah; Tou, Josie; Wu, Xiaowen (Boston University Comic Arts, 2017-10)
  • BUCA Inktober Zine 2016 

    Doshi, Sabrina; Kim, Joy; Machemer, Rebekah; Takahashi, Bianca; Tou, Josie (Boston University Comic Arts, 2016-10)
    During the month of October, artists around the world participate in Inktober, an event which challenges artists to create an illustration using ink every day for the month of October. This zine features some of the ...