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Recently Added

  • Open Access Found Footage 

    Jennings, Claire (Boston University Libraries, 2017-10)
    Found footage video advertising Open Access Month at Mugar.
  • Found footage Banned Book Week 

    Jennings, Claire (Boston University Libraries, 2017-09)
    Found footage video advertising Banned Book Week 2017 at Mugar.
  • Make a friend at Mugar 

    Cappello, Ethan; Cross, Thomas; Jennings, Claire (Boston University Libraries, 2017-10)
    Halloween video about two Patriots fans who find friendship at Mugar.
  • Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon 

    Jennings, Claire; Lee, Ellen (Boston University Libraries, 2017-10)
    Video on Mugar Library's Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, in honor of Open Access Month 2017.
  • Study space Valentines 

    Jennings, Claire (Boston University Libraries, 2018-02)
    Writing valentines to our favorite study spots in Mugar.
  • 24 Hours Found Footage 

    Jennings, Claire (Boston University Libraries, 2017-12)
    Found footage video advertising Mugar's 24 hour study period for finals week, Fall 2017.
  • Old school Thanksgiving 

    Jennings, Claire (Boston University Libraries, 2017-11)
    Thanksgiving video advertising Mugar's recipe archives, using public domain footage.
  • Where do you read in the summer? 

    Cross, Thomas; Cappello, Ethan (2017-07)
    Places to read during the summer on BU's campus.
  • Mugar Memorial Library logo 

    Fasolyak, Anna (Boston University Libraries, 2017-10-15)
    Logo for the Mugar Memorial Library.
  • Where Do You Read in the Summer poster (June 2017) 

    Fasolyak, Anna (Boston University Libraries, 2017-06-27)
    First month of the Mugar Summer Book Club campaign that highlighted different places people could read in the summer.

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