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  • Loss of AND-34/BCAR3 Expression in Mice Results in Rupture of the Adult Lens 

    Near, Richard I.; Smith, Richard S.; Toselli, Paul A.; Freddo, Thomas F.; Bloom, Alexander B.; Vanden Borre, Pierre; Seldin, David C.; Lerner, Adam (Molecular Vision, 2009-4-03)
    PURPOSE. AND-34/BCAR3 (Breast Cancer Anti-Estrogen Resistance 3) associates with the focal adhesion adaptor protein, p130CAS/BCAR1. Expression of AND-34 regulates epithelial cell growth pattern, motility, and growth factor ...
  • Microarray Gene Expression Profiling and Analysis in Renal Cell Carcinoma 

    Liou, Louis S.; Shi, Ting; Duan, Zhong-Hui; Sadhukhan, Provash; Der, Sandy D.; Novick, Andrew A.; Hissong, John; Skacel, Marek; Almasan, Alexandru; DiDonato, Joseph A. (BioMed Central, 2004-6-22)
    BACKGROUND. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common cancer in adult kidney. The accuracy of current diagnosis and prognosis of the disease and the effectiveness of the treatment for the disease are limited by the ...
  • Telomeric DNA Induces Apoptosis and Senescence of Human Breast Carcinoma Cells 

    Yaar, Mina; Eller, Mark S.; Panova, Izabela; Kubera, John; Wee, Lee Hng; Cowan, Kenneth H.; Gilchrest, Barbara A. (BioMed Central, 2007-1-26)
    INTRODUCTION. Cancer is a leading cause of death in Americans. We have identified an inducible cancer avoidance mechanism in cells that reduces mutation rate, reduces and delays carcinogenesis after carcinogen exposure, ...
  • The Expression Level of HJURP Has an Independent Prognostic Impact and Predicts the Sensitivity to Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer 

    Hu, Zhi; Huang, Ge; Sadanandam, Anguraj; Gu, Shenda; Lenburg, Marc E.; Pai, Melody; Bayani, Nora; Blakely, Eleanor A.; Gray, Joe W; Mao, Jian-Hua (BioMed Central, 2010-3-8)
    INTRODUCTION. HJURP (Holliday Junction Recognition Protein) is a newly discovered gene reported to function at centromeres and to interact with CENPA. However its role in tumor development remains largely unknown. The goal ...
  • Inhibition of Dynamin-Dependent Endocytosis Increases Shedding of the Amyloid Precursor Protein Ectodomain and Reduces Generation Of Amyloid β Protein 

    Carey, Robyn M.; Balcz, Brigitte A.; Lopez-Coviella, Ignacio; Slack, Barbara E. (BioMed Central, 2005-8-11)
    BACKGROUND. The amyloid precursor protein (APP) is transported via the secretory pathway to the cell surface, where it may be cleaved within its ectodomain by α-secretase, or internalized within clathrin-coated vesicles. ...
  • A Predictive Phosphorylation Signature of Lung Cancer 

    Wu, Chang-Jiun; Cai, Tianxi; Rikova, Klarisa; Merberg, David; Kasif, Simon; Steffen, Martin (Public Library of Science, 2009-11-25)
    BACKGROUND. Aberrant activation of signaling pathways drives many of the fundamental biological processes that accompany tumor initiation and progression. Inappropriate phosphorylation of intermediates in these signaling ...
  • Comparison of Proteomic and Transcriptomic Profiles in the Bronchial Airway Epithelium of Current and Never Smokers 

    Steiling, Katrina; Kadar, Aran Y.; Bergerat, Agnes; Flanigon, James; Sridhar, Sriram; Shah, Vishal; Ahmad, Q. Rushdy; Brody, Jerome S.; Lenburg, Marc E.; Steffen, Martin; Spira, Avrum (Public Libary of Science, 2009-4-9)
    BACKGROUND. Although prior studies have demonstrated a smoking-induced field of molecular injury throughout the lung and airway, the impact of smoking on the airway epithelial proteome and its relationship to smoking-related ...
  • Identifying mRNA targets of microRNA dysregulated in cancer: with application to clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma 

    Liu, Huiqing; Brannon, Angela R.; Reddy, Anupama R.; Alexe, Gabriela; Seiler, Michael W.; Arreola, Alexandra; Oza, Jay H.; Yao, Ming; Juan, David; Liou, Louis S.; Ganesan, Shridar; Levine, Arnold J.; Rathmell, W. K.; Bhanot, Gyan V. (BioMed Central, 2010-4-27)
    BACKGROUND. MicroRNA regulate mRNA levels in a tissue specific way, either by inducing degradation of the transcript or by inhibiting translation or transcription. Putative mRNA targets of microRNA identified from seed ...
  • Capzb2 Interacts with β-Tubulin to Regulate Growth Cone Morphology and Neurite Outgrowth 

    Davis, David A.; Wilson, Meredith H.; Giraud, Jodel; Xie, Zhigang; Tseng, Huang-Chun; England, Cheryl; Herscovitz, Haya; Tsai, Li-Huei; Delalle, Ivana (Public Library of Science, 2009-10-6)
    An actin regulatory protein unexpectedly also controls microtubule polymerization during the formation and maintenance of cellular outgrowths in neurons. Capping protein (CP) is a heterodimer that regulates actin assembly ...
  • Tri-Nucleotide Receptors Play a Critical Role in Epithelial Cell Wound Repair 

    Weinger, Ilene; Klepeis, Veronica E.; Trinkaus-Randall, Vickery (Springer Netherlands, 2005-7-29)
    The cornea plays a major role in the refraction of light to the retina. Therefore, the integrity and transparency of the corneal epithelium are critical to vision. Following injury, a combination of rapid signal transduction ...

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