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Recently Added

  • Patterns of Research Utilization on Patient Care Units 

    Estabrooks, Carole A.; Scott, Shannon; Squires, Janet E.; Stevens, Bonnie; O'Brien-Pallas, Linda; Watt-Watson, Judy; Profetto-McGrath, Joanne; McGilton, Kathy; Golden-Biddle, Karen; Lander, Janice; Donner, Gail; Boschma, Geertje; Humphrey, Charles K.; Williams, Jack (BioMed Central, 2008-6-2)
    BACKGROUND. Organizational context plays a central role in shaping the use of research by healthcare professionals. The largest group of professionals employed in healthcare organizations is nurses, putting them in a ...
  • The Effect of Maternal Child Marriage on Morbidity and Mortality of Children Under 5 in India: Cross Sectional Study of a Nationally Representative Sample 

    Raj, Anita; Saggurti, Niranjan; Winter, Michael; Labonte, Alan; Decker, Michele R.; Balaiah, Donta; Silverman, Jay G. (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd., 2010-1-21)
    Objective To assess associations between maternal child marriage (marriage before age 18) and morbidity and mortality of infants and children under 5 in India. Design Cross-sectional analyses of nationally representative ...