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Recently Added

  • Measuring time preferences 

    Cohen, Jonathan D.; Ericson, Keith; Laibson, David; White, John Miles
    We review research that measures time preferences—i.e., preferences over intertemporal tradeoffs. We distinguish between studies using financial flows, which we call “money earlier or later” (MEL) decisions and studies ...
  • Patterns of Research Utilization on Patient Care Units 

    Estabrooks, Carole A.; Scott, Shannon; Squires, Janet E.; Stevens, Bonnie; O'Brien-Pallas, Linda; Watt-Watson, Judy; Profetto-McGrath, Joanne; McGilton, Kathy; Golden-Biddle, Karen; Lander, Janice; Donner, Gail; Boschma, Geertje; Humphrey, Charles K.; Williams, Jack (BioMed Central, 2008-6-2)
    BACKGROUND. Organizational context plays a central role in shaping the use of research by healthcare professionals. The largest group of professionals employed in healthcare organizations is nurses, putting them in a ...
  • The Effect of Maternal Child Marriage on Morbidity and Mortality of Children Under 5 in India: Cross Sectional Study of a Nationally Representative Sample 

    Raj, Anita; Saggurti, Niranjan; Winter, Michael; Labonte, Alan; Decker, Michele R.; Balaiah, Donta; Silverman, Jay G. (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd., 2010-1-21)
    Objective To assess associations between maternal child marriage (marriage before age 18) and morbidity and mortality of infants and children under 5 in India. Design Cross-sectional analyses of nationally representative ...